We have all seen Hollywood’s depiction of ancient Rome and Greece. Have you ever thought about seeing it for yourself?

Pastor Karen and I want to share our journey with you by extending an invitation to join us on the Footsteps of Paul trip in July 2017.

Founded in 753 BC, Rome was one of the oldest cities in Europe. In Paul’s time, it was similar to America today. It had diverse cultures, international influence, with financial, military and political power. This city was the center of the Roman Empire from which the Jewish people sought deliverance.

This setting, combined with Paul being a Pharisee, a Roman citizen, a persecutor of Christians and then an apostle and New Testament author, provide a rich spiritual history for us to explore.

I will teach about scriptures at the sites they were written such as Athens where Paul spoke about the altar to the “unknown god”. We will cruise the Mediterranean, visit Ephesus, the Colosseum, the Forum, the Vatican and see artwork from the early church.

The trip will be an investment in your spiritual growth, will deepen your relationship with the Word and enrich your bible reading.

We look forward to welcoming you in Rome!

Pastor A. R. Bernard, Sr.

Join me to see the best of the world - and prepare us for eternity!

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