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The Holy Land Is Breathtaking

Christian Tour

It’s our second evening in Tel Aviv, and I’m taken back by the beauty of this area and the magnificence of the sunset on the Mediterranean Sea.

We visited Joppa today. As I looked out across the sea from near Simon the Tanner’s house (where Peter accepted God’s direction to take the gospel to the Gentiles), I couldn’t help but think of Jonah and what might have gone through his mind as he set sail from here in his effort to flee from the Lord’s call. If he only could have imagined that he would soon be in the belly of a whale, God’s custom and miraculous intervention delivery vehicle, would he have made the same choice to run?

My prayer for everyone on this exciting tour of Israel is that we would each have ears to hear, eyes to see, and hearts yearning to encounter God in a personal and wonderful way as we see God’s land unfold before us.

Todd Shaw
Shepherd for Sapphire Bus 6

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