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Jesus’s Prophecy Fulfilled

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When we visited the Jerusalem Archaeological Park, I walked to the southwest corner of the Temple Mount. There, excavations have uncovered a portion of the first-century street that stretched north along the original Western Wall.

The excavations near the corner include a ten-meter wide street that was laid with stone slabs, some a foot thick. Standing on the street today, it isn’t hard to imagine the Romans hurling the massive temple stones from above, literally crushing and pressing the pavement blocks into the ground. Archaeologists have removed most of the rubble, but they left one pile of stones just as they found them—the street still depressed from the force of the impact.

This fulfills Jesus’s promise that the temple would be destroyed: “not one stone here will be left upon another” (Matthew 24:2).

Wayne Stiles
Bible Teacher for Emerald Bus 2
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