Stop and Listen

Christian Cruise

Waking up early this morning in Alaska, I hear nothing but the very faint lapping of sea against the side of the ship. Though everything is quiet, the sights scream “Glory to God!” I peer over the side of the ship, coffee in hand, messy hair bundled up on my head, all wrapped up in one of those really great puffy white robes that I always wanted to wear on a cruise ship. Below me a school of fish dart back and forth. I’ve never figured out how they do that – that fishy dance. Somehow each one knows where to go – perfectly synced with the rest. There’s something about them that I envy. They don’t have a stack of bills waiting for them when they get home. They don’t have to worry about parenting their kids the right way. I feel the daily anxieties of just trying to keep my head above water, and they (obviously) don’t.

Today is a big day. Because if all goes as planned, at the end of the day I will have checked three things off my bucket list: see a real, live caribou and attempt to ride it*, catch a salmon in the Alaskan waters (this includes cleaning, deboning and all that gross stuff, all by myself without gagging), and go rafting through volcanic sea caves so that I can have a really cool Facebook status update (let’s be honest – it’s how we all brag about ourselves without sounding like we’re bragging). Not long from now, my husband and kids will wake up and our cabin will be filled with excitement and anticipation for all that we have planned today. Waiting for that moment, I take a deep breath, hoping to extend the silence just a little bit longer. I can taste the salty air. As much as I look forward to our excursions today, I wish that I could bottle up this quiet moment. There is so much to do at these ports in this wild land, that I don’t want to forget to stop for a minute to listen to the quiet voice of the Lord and to savor the sights that sing His Name. The adventures offered here are once in a lifetime. But I’d argue that just as rare, will be the opportunity to slow down a bit. Now’s my chance. When will yours be?

*P.S. DON’T actually attempt to mount a caribou – the guides get REALLY angry!

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