Adventures in Skagway

Christian Cruise

A passenger really needed their morning cappuccino (non-fat, sugar-free vanilla, wet foam), so the captain steered the ship ashore for a little off-roading trip to the local coffee shop. OK, not really…it’s just docked; but it sort of looks that way, right?

But let’s forget about coffee for a minute and talk about some of the adventures to take during your excursion in Skagway.

Next to majestic snow-capped mountains and those mysterious teal-colored glaciers, what pops into your mind when you hear, “Alaska”? No, not those crazy ice-road truckers…Dog sledding! The opportunity of a life-time is right here on our stop in Skagway. Take a tour of this beautiful land (with only 455 square land-miles, you’ll be able to see a good percentage of it) on a sled pulled by those stunning huskies. You don’t even have to be Iron Will to enjoy this activity. The trainers will tell you everything you need to know; you just get to sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s a family event that is sure to be remembered.

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