The Breathtaking Wonder of Petra

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You might recall its appearance from films like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) or Arabian Nights (1942). Or maybe you remember its role in the more recent Left Behind series. But standing in front of Petra, the renowned archaeological city in Jordan, you’ll realize the big screen just doesn’t compare to the actual, real-life experience of this place. In fact, when it comes to stunning historical sites, few things in the world hold a candle to this enormous carved fortress on the edge of the Arabian Desert.

Prior to Precept Ministries’ Israel Tour with Kay Arthur & her son David, Inspiration team members accompanied passengers during a pre-tour visit to Jordan. As the country’s most-visited attraction, Petra was definitely a highlight. Known as the “Rose City” due to the color of its rock-carved architecture, Petra (the name is Greek for “stone”) was voted one of the Seven Wonders of the World in an updated list published in 2007. An official World Heritage Site and named one of “28 places to see before you die” by Smithsonian Magazine, Petra dates back as early as the year 312 BC. We consider it a must-see destination in and around our Christian tours to the Holy Land. In fact, Petra is a big reason why the Jordan extensions to our tours are so popular. Nothing sets a Christian travel experience in motion like a pre or post-tour to one of the most memorable places on the planet! 

A trip to Petra is nothing short of unforgettable. You pass through the Siq, a twisting narrow gorge, until suddenly the intricate columns of Al Khazneh (“The Treasury”) rise up out of the canyon floor. As we’ve discovered in the past, a visit to Petra is one that either renders our passengers and employees speechless—a common exclamation is a simple, awestruck “Wow”—or leaves them unable to stop gushing about the stark beauty of this hidden metropolis.

In addition to the praise for the site itself, we were encouraged by a number of compliments from the Precept Ministries tour passengers, a few of whom had traveled with other groups in the past and were enjoying an Inspiration tour for the first time. And while we always appreciate statements like “I don’t know how you all could run this tour any better,” let’s be honest: it’s hard to go wrong when you build a travel experience around a place so breathtaking as Petra. Our job is to keep things well-organized and running smoothly, then step back and say, “Look at this amazing place.” 

What a blessing to be able to introduce our passengers to legendary wonders like Petra. They trust us to deliver the trip of a lifetime, and helping them capture those memories is a calling we take very seriously.

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