The Pros and Cons of Two New Luggage Innovations

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You’ve selected a destination for your Christian cruise or tour. You’ve marked your calendar. As the date gets closer, you start to think about packing. Do you have the right kind of suitcase?

Luggage is often an afterthought, but having luggage that best fits your needs is essential to a convenient, no-fuss travel experience. For longer trips like a cruise or tour, having luggage that is sturdy and portable is crucial. Lately, two innovative new luggage designs are becoming more popular among travelers: hardsides and spinners. Are either of these for you?


In the 1980s, the introduction of softside luggage began to replace sturdy, traditional hardside suitcases. Softsides have reigned ever since…until recently. Today, hardsides are back. The lightweight shells of these new suitcases are made from durable materials like ABS plastic (used in football helmets) or polycarbonates (used in bullet-proof glass), and are built to withstand the rigors of baggage handlers, taxi trunks and other travel-related wear and tear. If you are interested in a resilient product, high-quality protection, and peace of mind when it comes to valuables, hardsides are the way to go.

Pros: Strength, resistance to tears, lightweight and easy-to-maneuver

Cons: Hard construction means reduced packing flexibility, lack of exterior pockets, scratches can be noticeable



Adding wheels to luggage may have been humanity’s best invention since, well, the first wheel itself. However, the single-directional approach of wheeled luggage can make maneuverability an issue—don’t plan on making any sharp turns. If you love the ease of rolling your luggage through an airport but hate running into things, then the navigational ease of spinners are for you. These suitcases are designed to be as mobile as possible, using four rotating, pivoting, multi-directional wheels that allow you to change directions or turn corners on a whim. They can often be steered with a single hand, which is critical if you have an extra bag, purse, or Starbucks latte to carry. Whether you prefer to push or pull, spinners make luggage-hauling simpler than ever.

Pros: Maneuverability, available in hardside and softside, stands upright

Cons: Can be easy to lose control on sloped surfaces, protruding wheels can be broken by baggage handlers


More and more veteran travelers are turning to hardside luggage and spinners. What kind of luggage do you prefer? 

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