Alaska Makes Top 10 List of Kid-Friendly Vacations

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Alaska is gaining attention for being not only one of North America’s top cruise destinations, but for being a favorite travel spot for families with children as well. We were thrilled to see Alaska cruises (which we host several times a year) listed in the top ten places to see with your kids before they grow up at We couldn’t agree more!

Travel is sometimes thought of as something you should do when you’re older. Often, it ends up getting put off so long that it’s a scramble to fit it all in! However, traveling in the early years of life can be enriching in a way that little else is. Children who are exposed to different environments, geographies and cultures in their formative years grow up with broadened horizons and a desire to know more. Nothing teaches you like experience. So, the more of the world you experience at an early age, the more learning opportunities you have to become a well-cultivated adult.

Imagine the impression it would make on a child to witness the breathtaking sights a wilderness like Alaska has to offer. Picture these snapshots in your mind:

  • A little boy standing on tiptoe at the bow of a ship to see a humpback whale breach the royal blue waters.
  • A young girl peering out from a glacial coastline onto a majestic, sparkling ocean.
  • Grandchildren hearing the Creation account read to them while taking in the indescribable features of one of the world’s most striking landscapes.  

These are the types of memories parents make with their children on our exceptional cruise vacations to Alaska. Christians are usually drawn to our unique travel experiences because of the spiritual component they offer, but it’s important to remember there are elements to be enjoyed by the entire family—including life-shaping moments for children and grandchildren.

Cruise vacations are becoming more and more popular for families (both immediate and extended) because the variety of experiences they offer cater to the tastes of a wide age range. We think the beautiful backdrop of Alaska is a perfect setting to make life-long memories with young ones. How about you? Are you planning to vacation somewhere special with the children in your life?

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