Where to Find the Best Hummus in Jerusalem

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In a recent post, we shared a recipe that’s the closest we’ve come to making authentic Israeli hummus here in the States. After all, a newfound love for hummus is one of the things many travelers to Israel bring back home with them (along with with a treasure trove of memories, a deeper understanding of Scripture and a more passionate faith in Christ).

Since so many food-loving travelers read our blog, we wanted to share one of our best-kept secrets…our favorite hummus place in the Holy City! Hummus Lina is located on Al Khanka Street in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem. If you’re headed to Israel on any of our upcoming tours, this is a place you can easily stop for lunch on the day your itinerary brings you to the narrow streets of the Old City. Just look for the iconic blue doors between the 7th and 8th stations of the Via Dolorosa.

What do we love most about Lina? We can sum that up in two words: hummus and falafel. But mostly hummus, which is practically the national food of Israel. Our team members here in the U.S. and on the ground in Jerusalem have tried dozens of hummus restaurants in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and elsewhere in the country. They all agree that Lina makes some of the best there is. It’s light, creamy and served alongside the most delicate and delicious olive oil. Plus, it’s inexpensive. You can have a fulfilling lunch for only 15 shekels, or around $4.00.

A few tips for making the most of your experience at Lina:

  • Don’t treat hummus like a snack or appetizer. It’s filling. Make it a meal.
  • Your food will arrive fast, but take your time. Enjoy the atmosphere.
  • The hummus topped with roasted pine nuts is amazing.
  • Feeling adventurous? Try the hummus topped with fuul (pureed fava beans).
  • Lina’s hummus is rich enough as is, but for another boost of flavor, add a little skhug (a spicy condiment).
  • Thirsty? Lina serves fresh fruit juices. We recommend the pomegranate.
  • If you want to try their excellent baba ghanoush, arrive early. (They almost always sell out.)
  • If it seems crowded, don’t worry—there’s more seating upstairs. But if you have time, wait for an outdoor seat for full immersion in the busy streetscape.
  • Top off your meal with a cappuccino at the end.
  • Still hungry after your hummus? Head to Jafar Sweets for dessert just a couple blocks away. We recommend the baklava or knafeh (a sweet cheese pastry).

Lina opened more than 60 years ago as a family-owned business and is now operated by the family’s 2nd and 3rd generations. If you’re headed to Israel anytime soon, we can’t recommend it enough. But be forewarned: Once you eat hummus at Lina, you’ll be hooked.

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