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Christian author and speaker Angie Smith’s report from her recent family vacation is incredibly encouraging. But did you know she’s going to be joining an Inspiration cruise this fall as one of the featured speakers? She adds one final thought to her testimony post after #convicted. (See below).

“So, our 10-year-old, Kate, comes up and asks if she can get her hair braided. It’s $20, and of course I say no because it’s a ripoff. But then she explains that the lady doesn’t know Jesus and this is the best way to tell her about our Savior. She was right: it was worth every penny! And yes, she did buy the lady food with her own money and then told her about Jesus. HASHTAG CONVICTED!

And on the note of ‘going into all the world’…I can’t wait to travel to the Caribbean with a boatload of Christians this October to worship God and see what God does!”

Angie will be joining Matthew West’s Storyteller’s cruise October 23-30, 2016 along with Pastor Greg Laurie and musical guests Selah and Mr. Talkbox. You’re warmly invited to come along for Bible study, worship and, yes, sharing Jesus with everyone you encounter in the Caribbean.

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Not familiar with Angie?

Women around the world feel as though they’re lifelong friends with Angie Smith—and most of them have never met her in person. They’ve come to know Angie through her transparent, warm, witty blog Bring The Rain. It began as the story of her fourth daughter’s brief life and became an opportunity to combine Angie’s two greatest passions: helping to heal people’s hearts and writing. The wife of Todd Smith (lead singer of Christian contemporary group Selah), Angie co-wrote the song “I Will Carry You” (found on Selah’s CD You Deliver Me) and authored a book by the same name. Angie, Todd and their daughters live in Tennessee.

Angie Smith


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