Inspiration Nominated for California Family Business Awards


Our passengers know Inspiration Cruises & Tours as a company that creates unforgettable and spiritually enriching getaways with families in mind. However, you may never have stopped to think of Inspiration as a family itself. But it was for this very reason we were recently recognized by the California Family Business Awards.

For nearly 23 years has been a family-owned business. Starting at the very top, Inspiration operates as a family-centered team. Our President, Steve Dick, his wife, daughter, son-in-law and other relatives serve together for a common cause. There are even several husband and wife / mother and daughter duo’s who also serve on our staff. Over the nearly four decades that we have spent serving the Body of Christ, both employees and passengers have been invited to become part of the Inspiration family.

Our cruises and tours reflect the atmosphere of an extended family reunion. Hugs are exchanged daily, as are words of encouragement. Evenings are spent laughing together or worshiping a common Savior. New experiences are shared as destinations around the world are discovered and enjoyed. Even passengers who come as strangers sometimes leave with close friendships that can last a lifetime.

“Traveling in the company of those we love is home in motion.”
—Leigh Hunt, 19th century British poet

Receiving recognition for being a family-owned business isn’t an honor we’ve ever received before. That’s why we were so delighted by the nomination as part of the 28th Annual California Family Business Awards. Inspiration was chosen as one of 23 family businesses to be interviewed out of the 112 nominated. Many of the nominees were companies in their 4th or 5th generation of operation.

While we are honored by this nomination and recognition, we are even more honored by the opportunity to travel with you. We invite your family to trust ours as we explore the incredible world our Father created for us. We look forward to sharing a life-changing travel encounter with you!

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