When Cruise Friends Become Real Friends

Christian Cruise

When venturing with Inspiration on a Christian cruise or tour, passengers expect to be inspired by speakers and uplifted by worship in the best places on earth. But one of the most thrilling trademarks of the Inspiration experience is something that most people aren’t expecting at all: new and lasting friendships.

Christian travel is unique—allowing like-minded people to explore God’s world to marvel, learn and grow together. These unscripted moments give Believers the chance to learn about and from one another. The purpose of these gatherings goes far beyond what we can see in the present.

Intercontinental Connections

We’re always encouraged by the unique tales of how these relationships take shape. One such story occurred during a Michael W. Smith Alaska cruise. Ron and Karen, a couple from California along with their son Lucas (an Inspiration travel coordinator), were aboard when they met fellow passengers, Karin and Stephan, a mother and son from Germany. The families didn’t meet until nearly the end of the cruise, but that didn’t stop a beautiful friendship from beginning.

Stephan was grateful for the quick manner in which the families connected. “Imagine you are anywhere else in the world, meeting people you’ve never met before, but start talking as you [have] known them for many many years. That’s what I felt when we talked.”

The families exchanged details. Emails, Facebook messages and even letters were sent across the sea in the months that followed, strengthening a bond that began on a cruise to Alaska.

“It has been a joy to share about each of our different lives… We are able to pray for each other’s needs, hurts and praises,” says Karen, “We are not just ‘pen pals’ but truly friends.”

From this communication and deepening friendship came future travel plans. In 2016, Karin and Stephan headed back to America to visit Ron and Karen in California. The four traveled down the coast experiencing the golden state together. And this past spring Ron and Karen were in Europe and spent a week visiting Karin and Stephan in Germany. They were able to meet Karin’s husband and other son and go sightseeing together in Bavaria and Austria.

The families agree that meeting on a Christian cruise helped them form a deep friendship and spiritual bond, “As you get to know someone you learn about the depth of their relationship with Jesus and how it shapes all areas of their lives,” explains Karen.

Being a part of the family of God ties people together across continents and oceans. We at Inspiration consider ourselves privileged to be a part of this. “It is so great to have friends all over the world knowing we are connected in Jesus. Learning from each other, praying for each other and sharing experiences,” says Karin.

Friends are Friends Forever

The wonderful thing about travel is that you never know who you’ll meet and who will become a close friend. When you step out of your home and into the world God has made you’ll be met with countless blessings, including new friendships. Sometimes, the relationships formed in these brief windows of time cause friends to gather againeven in their own cities and homes or on other adventures around the world. We are so honored to be the starting place for these lifelong friendships!

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