Museum of the Bible’s much-anticipated Launch

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The Museum of the Bible (MOTB) opened with a black-tie celebration on November 16th, featuring music from our friend CeCe Winans in the presence of a number of prominent faith leaders from around the world.

Inspiration staff members were honored to be among the guests at the gala—especially after having worked with MOTB throughout 2017 to promote Christian tours related to this important new museum. The first of our upcoming D.C. tours is already scheduled, and many more are on the way!

The Making of an Icon

Located just three blocks south of the Capitol Building and two blocks from the National Mall, the eight floors of this 430,000 square-foot museum are designed to immerse guests in the story of Scripture in a fresh, captivating way. Collections include valuable artifacts and displays covering centuries of archaeological discoveries and Bible translation.

Highlights of the museum include:

  • One of the world’s largest collections of biblical texts and artifacts
  • The most extensive experience of apologetic materials and sources on the planet
  • Original biblical papyri, Torah scrolls, Jewish artifacts and rare printed Bibles
  • 13 fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Two of the world’s most renowned biblical libraries
  • A life-size reproduction of Israel’s Nazareth village

There are many things to love about this groundbreaking museum—from its advanced technology and educational treasures to its glass-enclosed rooftop garden with views of the Washington Monument and Capitol Rotunda—but we’re most excited about its commitment to biblical scholarship. The museum’s location near America’s halls of power is fitting for a venue dedicated to celebrating the influence of God’s Word. Since our nation began, the Bible and its principles have been a constant presence informing the U.S. government and rule of law. It’s only fitting, then, that the MOTB will soon become a prime destination for every Christian and visitor to the nation’s capital.

Inspiration staff and  invited guests enjoyed the gala launch of Washington D.C.'s Museum of the Bible.

Inspiration staff and guests enjoyed the gala launch of Washington D.C.’s Museum of the Bible.

We as a team are very pleased to make Washington tours that feature this new D.C. landmark available to churches and ministries. Officials at Museum of the Bible anticipate hosting around 3 million guests during its first year of operation. Will you be one of them?

Are you a leader who would like to introduce your congregation to this impressive new venue? Or are you a layperson interested in presenting this opportunity to your pastor? Visit and get in touch so we can begin to design your custom tour!

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