That One Time We Joined The Jerusalem Day Parade

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Jerusalem Day marks the reunification of the Holy City after The Six-Day War in 1967. This year marks the 51st Anniversary of this miraculous victory. The entire nation is celebrating and expressing their gratitude to God for the safety and blessing He has afforded them all these years. But it’s not just Israelis who are elated. Inspiration passengers on the ground in Israel had the opportunity to observe this special day in person. In fact, some of them even decided to join the Jerusalem Day Parade!

Jerusalem Day 1

Bus Number One on the Precept Ministries Holy Land Tour encountered a unique opportunity when it found itself caught up in some unexpected traffic due to holiday street closures. No worries…passengers decided to exit the bus and join the fun! Those who have traveled with us before know that each bus has a designated bus shepherd who coordinates logistics for each bus and helps them stay together. Because the bus shepherd was carrying the big sign, onlookers assumed our group was part of the official activities. Israelis kept asking where we were from. The group would reply, “America!”, which would cause the crowd to burst into cheers.

Jerusalem Day 4 (1)

What an honor to be part of this very special occasion. This is a perfect example of an unscripted highlight from one of our Israel tours…those moments no one could plan for, but that end up being some of the best travel memories. We hope you’ll know the joy of experiencing a moment like this on an upcoming tour to Israel! 

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