Helpful Packing Tips from the Experts at Inspiration

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With summer vacations right around the corner, we asked the experts here at Inspiration Cruises & Tours for their travel wisdom. Whether you’re headed on a cruise to Alaska or the Caribbean; or whether you’re planning to tour the Holy Land, with advice from these industry veterans, your journey is bound to be a smooth one.

How much should I bring?

Inevitably, the question of how many changes of clothes are needed for each trip comes up early-on. Those who try to pack a different pair of shoes for each day quickly find this creates heavier luggage and more of it. Here are some of our top executives’ thoughts on making wise packing decisions.

“I always travel light! I want to be a self-sufficient traveler by making sure I can manage my own luggage,” shares Kelly. Ruth agrees. “Travel with only what you can manage on your own and plan to wear everything twice.” Stephanie offers a similar strategy. “Instead of packing an outfit for each day, pack multiple scarfs. These lightweight items change up an outfit so you can wear things at least two times.”

While, surprisingly, the ladies seemed to take a restrained approach, President Steve Dick made no apologies for his more-is-more philosophy: “You have your light-packers? …That’s not me. I’d rather have too many clothes than not enough. I pack for everything.”

What about wrinkles?

The men, who tend to wear button-down shirts and slacks had a lot to say on the matter. “My go-to wrinkle fix,” shares Michael, “is a mini hand steamer. It’s small, inexpensive and you can pick one up anywhere. Wrinkle release spray is also goodjust make sure it’s in a 3.4 ounce container.”

Steve, who is on the road every month of the year, has created his own very deliberate method. “I have a system for folding three or four of my dress shirts together as one. I bring the sleeves straight in (folding back the cuffs if they’re too long) and bringing the bottom half of the shirts up. This way, the creases are only near the waistband and under the arms. And I have them lightly starched at the dry cleaners. Once I arrive, I rub a damp cloth over any creases and they come right out. But if you’re not that much of a planner, the old steam-them-on-the-shower-rod trick works as well.”

When it comes to wrinkles, Josh believes prevention is the best cure. Arcteryx Skyline shirts are wrinkle resistant, always comfortable and breathe in humid weather. Get one…or seven!” Those who work with Josh can attest that he’s passing along this advice not because he’s being compensated to do so, but because he’s a true believer. He wears them almost every day!

As for making the most of your suitcase space, John advises stuffing your shoes with socks. Not only does this save room, it keeps your shoes from getting flattened en route. Joel recommends using clear, zip-close packing cubes to organize belongings within your bag, which he points out has the added benefit of making security checks less stressful.  

There are plenty more tips where these came from. If you have any of your own strategies you’d like to share with fellow passengers, we would love to hear them. For a more complete packing list tailored to your destination, visit the Resources page of our website. Happy trails, and happy packing!

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