First-Time Cruiser? You’re Not Alone!

Christian Cruise

Having visited my first foreign country at the age of four, and living abroad by my early twenties, I’ve never hesitated to call myself a world traveler. But in spite of the myriad of trips I had made across four continents, there was one travel experience I hadn’t been able to cross off my list…A CRUISE!

As thrilled as I was to set off on my first week at sea, I had a lot of questions. Would I get lost on the ship? Should I book a shore excursion? Would it be easy to meet people? Should I eat on the Lido Deck or in the Dining Room? And, the most pressing question of all: Would I be the only one who had never cruised before?

In Good Company

All of my questions resolved themselves naturally—and favorably.

-I did get slightly lost (at first) but so did everyone else, and it was all part of the fun of exploring this magnificent cruiseliner.

-Yes, I booked two excursions—including a whale watch—which was a definite highlight of my cruise.

-Meeting fellow travelers was extremely easy, and I’m happy to say I even formed a few lasting friendships.

-As for where to eat? The Dining Room for breakfast and dinner; the Lido Deck for lunch.

-And the question of whether I would stand out as a first-time cruiser was answered for me the very first night.

I found myself sitting in a plush velveteen stadium-style seat a few rows back from the stage. Our group had just gathered for the first time, enjoying uplifting music and being warmly welcomed by our ministry host. As a way of introducing us to one another en masse, a question was posed to us from the podium. “How many of you are on your very first cruise?”

Feeling a little sheepish, and sure mine would be one of just a few hands raised, I slipped my palm up in the air. Curious, I turned my head around to see for sure. I was shocked.At least half the people in the auditorium had their hand raised! I wasn’t the only one who was surprised, either. A murmur of delight moved through the crowd as everyone marveled at how many first-timers there were. Then, we were applauded—many of us, of course, clapping for ourselves.

In Good Hands

Gayle J. has been working as a Reservation Coordinator with Inspiration for nearly three and a half years. She answers countless phone calls, some of which are simply spent reassuring new passengers in light of their concerns. The advice she always gives? That they should feel free to relax because they’re in for a stress-free travel experience that will be one of the highlights of their lives. “I want people to know they have no reason to worry. If they have questions, we’ll be there to answer them. They won’t be out there on their own.”

That statement is true, both figuratively and literally. When you embark on a group travel experience with Inspiration, alone is one thing you’ll never be. Not only will knowledgeable, caring staff members be present, you’ll be surrounded by a community of like-minded travelers eager to share this new experience with you.  

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us by hopping aboard your first cruise. We guarantee you’ll never look back.

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