Ready to Dive In?

By Kathy Ross

Sometimes we all need a little nudge to try something new. You may think it strange that Hugh and I needed a nudge to choose Hawaii as our honeymoon destination, but we did. Our parents and friends assured us it would be great, based on their experiences. We weren’t so sure—until we actually got there! 

The islands held more opportunities for adventure than we had even begun to imagine: hiking through fruit-laden jungles, paddling up streams to graceful waterfalls, body surfing and swimming alongside sea turtles, snorkeling among dazzling rainbows of sea life . . . With our first deep breath of Hawaiian air, we seemed to inhale a new depth of relaxation. This haven in the mid-Pacific has since become a favorite vacation (as well as outreach) destination.

A few years later we needed another nudge, this time to leap into the scary unknowns of launching a ministry. How on earth would a nerdy scientist and a former English teacher/editor ever manage and maintain an outreach ministry? The idea seemed crazy on so many levels, financially and otherwise. But our relatives, friends, pastors and people who’d been impacted by Hugh’s unusual journey through science and Scripture to faith in Christ all combined forces to confirm God’s calling. We still weren’t so sure—until we actually did it!

Thirty-some-odd years later, we can testify to the truth that when God guides, He provides. Reasons to Believe carries on, and what an adventure we’re still enjoying! The team of scientists, innovators and supporters God has built around us continues to grow. And so does the spiritual impact of new reasons, drawn from close and careful research of God’s world. We’ve never been more excited about the outreach potential of our team. Together we’re writing and speaking on timely, relevant and controversial topics that can open minds, hearts and doors for the advance of Christ’s kingdom.

One more nudge deserves mention—the nudge to offer a conference aboard ship. When the idea first came up, Hugh and I were hesitant. “Kathy and I don’t do cruises,” Hugh said. “We’re just not into deck chairs and formal dinners.” Little did we realize what invaluable friend-making, sightseeing, learning and faith-building adventures awaited—until we actually tried it!

With each new cruise conference, we say, “This was the best one yet!” No two are alike because each includes a unique mix of people and fresh food for thought from each RTB speaker, not to mention a wide array of excursion options. Mealtimes aboard the ship allow ample time for personal interaction with new and longtime acquaintances, including the RTB scholars and staff and their spouses.   

So, now it’s my turn to nudge you, in case you’re as hesitant as we once were. Based on the fact that our past conference cruises have brought us treasured friendships and lifelong memories, we’re eager for you to join us. Together let’s dive into God’s two books—Scripture and nature—for a uniquely refreshing, invigorating adventure.

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