With Us, You’ll Never Travel Alone

If you’ve traveled before, you know the excitement of embarking on a journey to a new place. Sometimes a change of pace and scenery is all it takes to restore the soul. After all, with Inspiration Cruises & Tours, your journey becomes a gateway to spiritual connection. A trip away from home creates space to encounter the Lord in fresh, new ways as you disconnect to reconnect. 

Going With God

I will never leave you nor forsake you. As a Believer, no companion compares to the constant, steadfast Presence of God. It’s impossible to travel beyond His reach. And more than anything, the profound experience of connecting to Christ in a foreign place is what our passengers are most thankful for following their cruise or tour.

For instance, several years ago, Donna and her husband were preparing for their second Inspiration cruise when tragedy hit. Donna’s husband passed away unexpectedly. She almost canceled the Alaska cruise. “I wasn’t going to go,” she says today. But Donna couldn’t help but listen to a still, small voice urging her to keep her plans. She trusted and obeyed that voice. “What healing it brought to me,” she tells us. “The love God surrounded me with through the people and music was unbelievable.”

Donna isn’t alone. We hear testimonies like hers time and again.

Traveling With the Family of God

When you travel with Inspiration, you’ll also be going with a group of like-minded people. The connections you make over nightly dinner conversations, daytime excursions or even while waiting for an event to begin will become some of the highlights of your trip and may even blossom into lifelong friendships. Despite having just met someone a few days earlier, you’ll feel a depth of relationship that is only possible because of your shared experiences and faith.

“Last summer we cruised to Alaska,” says cruise passenger Marilyn. “We ate with four other couples, none of which we knew before. We had so much fun! We have stayed in touch, and this coming September we plan to all meet again. We made friends for life.”

Your Christian travel experience includes fellowship, worship and prayer. That’s why, upon returning home, so many of our passengers describe their experience as “a piece of heaven.” 

Are you considering booking a trip alone? Even better! Traveling solo with fellow Believers in this kind of environment, you’ll have so many opportunities to connect with people around you.  You may begin the trip as a solo traveler, but you definitely won’t finish it that way with your newfound friends.

Explore With Experts

Put this in stone: If we’re taking passengers there, we’ve already been there. Before any cruise or tour, we have been on the ground (or on the water) working through each small intricacy and task that help make a trip successful. If you’re asking a question, we’ve most likely already asked it and found the answer. Nothing is more important than taking care of our passengers, and our commitment to excellence extends to the smallest of details. 

Just ask our passengers. 

“Thank you for your attention to detail,” Mark wrote to us. “It must be very challenging with a group that size, but everything went very smoothly, and we were able to focus on learning and absorbing every moment in Israel.” 

The best encounters with God happen when we can set aside our everyday anxieties or distractions. That’s why creating a worry-free Christian cruise or tour is central to what we do.

Regardless of where you go, you will enjoy new experiences and places. That’s one of the primary reasons people love to travel! When you go with Inspiration, you will be surrounded by His presence, guided by our experts and inspired by new friendships. 

Join us for your next spiritual journey and trip!

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