Photo Essay: What Israel Travelers See and Say

“One incredible moment after another!” That’s how our tour passengers describe their journeys through Israel. Travel is always a privilege, and for followers of Jesus, no privilege compares to that of walking in His footsteps on a Christian tour of the Holy Land. These spiritual moments leave an emotional imprint long after the travel experience ends. “Walking where Jesus once walked is a feeling and memory that still blesses me,” notes another traveler.

Below are just a few of our travelers’ most unforgettable moments in Israel.

Photo: Beth Rubin

First-Look at the Old City of Jerusalem

With every tour, you can almost hear the audible gasps as our tour buses round a bend in the road and ancient Jerusalem comes into view. We time the first sighting of the city with the chorus of The Hoppers’ song, “Jerusalem.” After the initial gasp, a sacred silence settles over each bus as we approach the city. Its weathered walls cut a stark contrast against the deep blue sky and immediately takes travelers back to the stories of the Bible. “For me, the history and future of that sacred place merged for an instant, and I couldn’t believe I was blessed to be able to see it with my own eyes,” traveler Carolyn G. shared. Another Inspiration passenger, Lynn R. remembers, “I began weeping uncontrollably because I felt that I had truly come home. I will never forget the emotion of that moment!”

Photo: Beth Rubin

Baptism in the Waters of the Jordan River

When John the Baptist immersed Jesus in the Jordan River, Scripture says the Spirit of God descended upon Him like a dove as He came out of the water. This moment affirmed both Jesus’ divinity and the doctrine of the Trinity. There’s something profound about being baptized in these same waters. On her first trip abroad, Dierdre M. identifies this as one of her most cherished moments.

Photo: Beth Rubin

Worshipping on the Sea of Galilee

A boat ride on this lake—which was so central to Jesus’ life and ministry—is often one of the most emotional and “treasured memories” of the entire trip. Travelers reflect on the peace and power of Jesus to bring calm to any storm. As Avida D. captures it, “I was pleasantly surprised that the Sea of Galilee was…serene.”

Photo: Beth Rubin

Scripture on the Southern Steps

In ancient times, faithful Jews traveled to Jerusalem three times a year to enter the Temple. Jesus would have followed this practice as well. Experts confirm that Jesus and his disciples stood on and used these very stairs to enter the Temple. These rough, irregular steps draw visitors upward—and deeper into the life of Christ. Recent travelers Kathy B. and Izabela V. identified worshipping and hearing David Jeremiah preach on the Southern Steps among the highlights of their Israel tour.

Photo: Beth Rubin

Communion at the Garden Tomb

Following the crucifixion, John 19:41 says Jesus was buried in a new tomb in a garden. This oasis on the north side of Jerusalem, outside the Damascus Gate, is considered by many to be a place that matches the biblical description—and could also be the site of Jesus’ resurrection. “My most memorable experience in the Garden Tomb was with Insight for Living, when David Phelps sang ‘He’s Alive’! It was absolutely unforgettable,” says Lynn R.

What would it mean for your spiritual walk to follow in the footsteps of Jesus? See for yourself by considering one of our upcoming Israel tours.

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