Missing Travel?

As travel enthusiasts, one of our favorite words comes from the German language: “fernweh.” It’s sometimes translated as “wanderlust,” but our German friends tell us that’s not exactly accurate. A better translation for fernweh is “homesickness” because it literally means “far-sickness.” 

Fernweh is more than wanderlust. It’s an aching to be out in the world, a longing for new places, a spiritual desire to feast your eyes on glorious vistas.

Since the impact of COVID-19 temporarily paused our ability to travel abroad, you can bet we have become intimately acquainted with “far-sickness.” We know you have, too.

This is why we curated our first-ever digital catalog so you can click here to browse our best upcoming Christian travels for 2021–2022! 

Discover Christian travel in the most scenic, sought-after places around the world. But most importantly, dream about connecting with your Creator as you get away with God.

Whether you decide to embark on your own or join one of our events with respected Bible teachers, bestselling authors and award-winning Christian worship artists in awe-inspiring locations around the world…the possibilities are endless!

Join Inspiration on an Exceptional Travel Experience!