7 Reasons We’re Excited to Return to Alaska

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There’s something special about Alaska that makes it a bucket-list destination for travelers from all over the world.  Every summer, we lead cruises to this land of wild beauty and adventure. Its spectacular scenery and majesty have a unique pull on our hearts. We are overwhelmed by God’s awesome presence in this landscape of mountains, glaciers, forests and wildlife. 

When the return of Alaska cruises was announced in 2021, we couldn’t wait to share our favorite experiences with Christian travelers again.

The Serenity

Wonder Lake in Denali National Park

Every cruise to Alaska is filled with countless moments of awe, opportunities to be fully present in a purposeful pause. Gazing over the unearthly, turquoise-blue waters of Glacier Bay, looking up at the expanse of blue skies above snow-capped mountains or scanning the endless shorelines blanketed by deep green forests. We love hitting “pause” on the busyness of life in order to reconnect with friends and family in this paradise. There is nothing quite like the clean, fresh air of a mountain meadow and the soothing murmur of a mountain stream to put our hearts into a moment where God shows up. 

The Wildlife

A humpback whale breach

What if we told you that wildlife sightings aren’t just possible on an Alaska cruise, but common? In fact, they’re expected! Past cruises have introduced us to bald eagles, grizzly bears, mountain goats, spawning salmon, humpback whales, moose, caribou and so much more. We always tell our travelers not to blink when the ship is in sight of land, because the state’s wild residents frequently make their presence known.

The Adventure

Fly over the glaciers in a seaplane

For our travelers in search of adventure, Alaska is a wealth of “never before” experiences. From deep sea fishing excursions to exploring the jagged crevasses of a glacier, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore Alaska’s wonders at each port. Ever wanted to try dog sledding or “flightseeing” in a seaplane? Eager to hike, zipline or paddle past an iceberg? Alaska gives you all of these opportunities, and more.

The Destinations

Creek Street in Ketchikan

It’s hard to praise Alaska without mentioning its amazing port towns. Charming Juneau is the gateway to Alaska’s wilderness. Colorful Ketchikan is the salmon-fishing capital of the world. Sitka is the first and oldest city of Alaska with vibrant reminders of its Russian heritage. 

Some of the best days in Alaska are days spent near these vibrant ports, at sea, cruising Glacier Bay, Hubbard Glacier, the Inside Passage, and Stephens Passage. Each offers a remarkable viewing experience.

The History

Creek Street in Ketchikan

Alaska became a state in 1959, but its past stretches far beyond that milestone. Discover the rich history of the indigenous peoples who have called Alaska home for centuries. Marvel over intricate Totem Poles as you hear their stories. History lovers find plenty to capture their attention on our cruises, including the pioneer charm of Creek Street in Ketchikan and the “lawless” days of early Skagway, which rose to fame during the Klondike Gold Rush. Amazingly, the port village of Sitka once served as the permanent Russian settlement and still retains much of that unique eastern flavor.

The Food

Enjoy wild salmon in Alaska

We’ve never had seafood as good as what’s available in Alaska. The fertile waters of the Inside Passage are the source of delicious king crab, halibut and more. You’ll taste the freshest salmon you’ve ever had at any number of gourmet restaurants in Alaska. Or, take a once-in-a-lifetime fishing excursion and catch it yourself! You’ll be able to ship a year’s worth of fresh salmon back home to enjoy after the cruise ends.

The Glory of God

Glacier Bay in Alaska

More important than anything else on this list, your cruise to Alaska can take you directly into the presence of God. If the earth proclaims the Lord’s handiwork, then the awe-inspiring scenery of Alaska serves as His sacred megaphone. Here, every waterfall, mountain and glacier declares the majesty of the Creator. That’s why every Christian cruise to Alaska brings opportunities for spiritual renewal as we reconnect with God in a breathtaking setting. When you travel with Inspiration Cruises & Tours, you’ll also be surrounded by like-minded believers. You’ll laugh, be encouraged, and even create lifelong friendships on your cruise.

Cruising remains the best way to encounter Alaska and its endlessly fascinating and beautiful landscape. Deepen relationships, grow closer to God, and make unforgettable memories on one of our summer Alaska cruises.

Which of these bucket-list experiences are you most excited about?

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