How to Save Money for Travel

It’s no secret that many of the repeat passengers on our cruises and tours are retirees, passionate travelers who have the freedom to follow their favorite musicians on a cruise to Alaska, or to tour Israel with their favorite Bible teacher. For some passengers—not just retirees—going on a cruise or tour is one of their biggest life goals, but paying for travel experiences is sometimes a challenge to overcome. 

Over the years, we’ve gotten to know many travel-oriented people, who are always eager to share about their lives, their passions and why they are so enthusiastic about Christian travel. We asked some about their financial philosophies. How did they save money for travel? What advice can they give us?

Here are a few highlights from the advice they shared:

1. Plan ahead. Far ahead. 

Frequent Inspiration travelers have planned to participate in trips with us for decades—since long before they retired. They viewed retirement not just as an opportunity to stop working, but as a chance to share unforgettable moments together. So as long as they’ve been saving for the future, they’ve also been saving specifically for travel. 

Inspiration travelers in front of the Garden Tomb, Israel

Inspiration travelers in front of the Garden Tomb, Israel

“We didn’t think of it as retirement planning,” one couple told us during a recent Israel tour. “We thought of it as life planning. We focused on experiences we wanted to have instead of just playing golf or sitting around in an easy chair. Travel was high on our list of priorities. The good thing is, this kind of travel is a lot more affordable than people expect.” This couple wasn’t just focused on financing their retirement years, but on fulfilling their bucket lists along the way.

2. Think beyond money. 

Balancing wise economic choices and our desire to explore the world is critical. If you only think of travel in pure financial terms, it’s easy to talk yourself out of a dream vacation. What we’ve found is that travel can expand our horizons as we explore the world God gave us. Travel is one of the most powerful ways to reconnect with God and find the refreshment we desire. It’s also a great way to make new friends and share meaningful moments with our loved ones.

Tony Evans sharing a powerful message with a group of Christian travelers on Alaska cruise

Tony Evans sharing a powerful message with a group of Christian travelers on Alaska cruise

Saving for trips that engage their spiritual life is important to many of our repeat Christian travelers. “We wanted to see the world and go places we’d never been,” one couple told us on last summer’s Gospel Music Celebration cruise to Alaska. “But we wanted to do more than just travel for the sake of travel. We love music. We love to sing and worship. We love the community that happens here. It’s like going on a church retreat, but they don’t usually happen in places like this!”

3. Have a vision. 

If travel is a future goal, treat it as such, whether you’re saving for an annual cruise or a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Israel. That means intentional savings—not just for a hazy future, but for a specific vision. 

But make sure not to delay every bucket-list desire to age 65 and beyond. Our frequent passengers haven’t just begun traveling during retirement. It was always something they loved and intentionally added to their lives. If travel is something you value, find ways to pursue it today!

Christian travelers enjoying the wonder of Alaska near Sitka

Christian travelers enjoying the wonder of Alaska near Sitka

“We always told ourselves we would save up for experiences rather than things,” one gentleman told us. “Do we want a new TV or do we want to see Norway? Do we need a newer car or would we rather take a cruise to the Caribbean? We always chose the experiences.”

These travelers always seem to be some of the most vivacious and energetic people on our cruises and tours—probably because they’re living their dreams. We like to think that energy derives from their long-time focus on new places, new experiences and soul-engaging travel. Saving up for a Christian cruise or tour can be deeply rewarding—today and in the future.

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