Ready for Renewal: The Spiritual Benefits of Travel

Spiritual vacations and retreats have been considered a powerful Christian practice for centuries. Jesus regularly retreated to a solitary place to draw closer to God, away from the pressure of daily ministry. We can do the same. When we make time to get away with God we are living and traveling with a purpose.

Tony Evans teaching next to the Southern Steps in Israel

Tony Evans teaching next to the Southern Steps in Israel

Even Psychology Today reports that vacations are one of the best ways to rest, recuperate and counteract stress. They can also expand a person’s horizons and introduce new experiences. Time away with those we love, or by ourselves, can improve our health and well-being, while also strengthening and deepening our relationships. Countless Christian travelers have made new lifelong friends on our cruises and tours.

Inspiration travelers gathered together for a group picture in Caesarea Maritima on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea

Inspiration travelers touring Caesarea Maritima on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea

Whether you’re traveling alone, with a spouse, or with your family, Christian cruises and tours are excellent ways to grow closer to God and discover spiritual refreshment and renewal. 

Enjoy these 3 tips as you plan your next getaway with God.

1. Decide on location.

If you’re longing to explore Alaska, the Caribbean, Israel or Europe and the Mediterranean, Inspiration Cruises & Tours offers exceptional travel experiences to a variety of different destinations, and each has its own positive attributes. Are you looking for a warm or cool climate? Are you interested in biblical history or relaxation on a beach?

For instance, a cruise to Alaska is ideal for travelers who want to immerse themselves in the wonder of God’s creation. Destinations like Israel are perfect for those longing for faith-focused conversations as they explore places of biblical significance.

Skyline of Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

2. Choose the most rewarding experiences.

Travel is immensely personal, and even within a group, each member might get something different out of their time away. Before you plan, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do you prefer adventurous shore excursions, leisurely activities or something more educational? 
  • Are you looking for new friends and fellowship or are you seeking time to reflect and retreat? 
  • Which kind of trip best fits your budget? 

There are so many options available. Make sure you choose one that fits your personality; you can even take our Traveler Style Quiz for some inspiration.

Inspiration travelers sitting in front of sign that says "Welcome to Juneau, Alaska's Capital City"

Inspiration travelers in Juneau, Alaska

3. Try new things.

There’s a reason travel invigorates people. The experience of exploring new cultures and climates can increase self-confidence, mental flexibility and awareness of ourselves and others. Travelers return home with fresh perspectives and insights.

A vacation can become fertile ground for personal growth. Relaxing on a beach is always wonderful, of course, but don’t forget to stretch yourself with a little adventure. When you cruise, take an on-board cooking class. Sample new foods and meet new people. Consider an unforgettable excursion, like exploring the ocean in a glass-bottom boat.

Couple with beautiful bright sweet Italian ice-cream with different flavors in their hands on the square in Rome, Italy

Delicious gelato in Italy

Longing to get away with God? A trip with Inspiration Cruises & Tours is a great way to enjoy new experiences while focusing on what matters most: your relationship with God and time away with loved ones and brand-new friends.

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