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Away to Alaska: The Scenic Splendor of Glacier Bay

Whether you travel for adventure, new experiences or to encounter the glory of creation, it’s likely that Alaska is near the top of your travel bucket list. There are few...   Read more


Why an Alaska Cruise Is So Unique—and How to Plan for It

Summer is the perfect time to cruise Alaska, a land of mountains, fishing villages and glaciers. The break from below-freezing temperatures to warmer weather allows our passengers to enjoy the...   Read more


Cruising Alaska: A Photo Essay

God’s creation proclaims His majesty and splendor. This is especially evident in Alaska. There’s a reason it continues to be a popular cruise destination—its abundance of glaciers, mountains and wildlife...   Read more

An Unexpected Life Lesson from Charles Stanley

After waking up for the first time on a cruise ship and enjoying a blissful breakfast overlooking the Pacific, it was time for the ‘main course’. After all, this wasn’t...   Read more

Whale Watching with Michael W. Smith

If you got the chance to talk with Michael W. Smith, you’d probably want to ask him something about the music he’s made over the years. But if you asked...   Read more

Whale Watching: Juneau’s Favorite Pastime

What intrigues you most about Alaska? For many, a sense of adventure is what beckons them to the coast of America’s last frontier. Visitors love panning for gold in old...   Read more


Get to Know the Whales of Alaska…By Name

“Does anybody see one?” buzzed a woman behind me. As the rest of the passengers filed onto the deck, the murmured excitement mounted. We had just reached open water after...   Read more


Amy Grant Talks about Music and Travel

If ever there were anyone who didn’t need an introduction, it’s Amy Grant. Her distinctive voice carrying the haunting melody of “El Shaddai” seems to be forever etched into the...   Read more


Ketchikan: Green Gem of Alaska

The astounding landscape of Alaska is as massive as it is magnificent, and the tiny gem of Ketchikan is the diamond in the rough. This unassuming frontier town, nestled along...   Read more