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The Makings of a Memory by Sandi Patty

There’s always that one moment we look forward to, isn’t there? We spend months (or longer) excited about our getaway, often imagining a cherished scene playing out before our eyes....   Read more

Sandi Patty

New Year’s Advice from NYT Bestseller Jon Acuff

If you’ve ever been a regular at the gym, you will have noticed the surge in attendance every January. Classes are full. Treadmills are occupied. Personal trainers are busy giving...   Read more

The Gaithers’ Biggest Fan enjoys the Cruise of a Lifetime

Gaither Homecoming cruises are always packed with passionate fans. But on their most recent cruise to Alaska, perhaps no passenger was a bigger fan than Thomas Jones of Calgary, Alberta....   Read more

Caribbean Update in the Wake of Hurricane Season

Please continue to join us in prayer for those who have been affected by the severe weather that has rocked parts of the Western Hemisphere. The Caribbean experienced serious storms...   Read more

When Cruise Friends Become Real Friends

When venturing with Inspiration on a Christian cruise or tour, passengers expect to be inspired by speakers and uplifted by worship in the best places on earth. But one of...   Read more


New Testament Paradise: Guide to the Mediterranean

Revered as an extravagant vacation paradise, the Mediterranean has long been one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. Yearly, millions of tourists—the majority European—flock to these sun-drenched shores. Legendary...   Read more

Why Our Two Most Avid Cruisers Just Can’t Stop

2 sisters. 12 years. 17 cruises. Sandy Stapleton and Judith Hughes are two of Inspiration’s most enthusiastic passengers. In the past decade, they have cruised more places than most ever...   Read more

The Best Chocolate Fix in Alaska

When cruising coastal Alaska, our passengers anticipate the magnificent glaciers, breathtaking mountains, lush forests and up-close wildlife. But what you may not expect to find are the local hidden gems...   Read more


The Surprise Dessert Cruisers Can’t Get Enough of

At Inspiration, we’re used to hearing our passengers rave about their Christian travel experiences. The breathtaking scenery. The moving messages. The powerful times of corporate worship with new friends from...   Read more

American Idol’s Scott MacIntyre: Seeing Alaska, Hearing God

There are few things more inspiring than the beauty of nature, and to me, that beauty has never manifested itself so abundantly as in the great state of Alaska. If...   Read more

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