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Cruising Hits Record Highs

This year we are taking more passengers to Alaska than ever on—brace yourself—10 cruises, hosted by leaders like Chuck Swindoll, Amy Grant and Gaither Homecoming. And, our overall 2017 passenger...   Read more


Gloria Gaither on Unscripted Moments

By Gloria Gaither There is a certain thing that can happen in a one-night concert in an auditorium or arena, and Bill and I have been sharing such evenings with...   Read more

Jon Acuff Brings Humor and Insight to Christian Cruising

  If you happened to be on Twitter this summer, you might have witnessed a funny display of mock aggression take place between Sandi Patty (@SandiPattyP) and Jon Acuff (@JonAcuff)....   Read more

Holland America: Celebrating 70 Years Cruising the 49th State

Alaska has only been part of the United States since 1959, which makes the state 58 years old. But our travel partner, Holland America Line (HAL), has been introducing cruise...   Read more

Inside an Alaska Cruise: Passenger Video

Most of our passengers return from our cruises and tours with a smartphone full of photos or videos, excited to share their experience with friends back home. But an Australian...   Read more


A Taste of Tahiti {Photo Tour}

Our first-ever cruise of French Polynesia afforded unimaginably stunning views of the islands. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to sail on a 4-masted ship? Or how pineapples are...   Read more

Why Cruising is the Best Way to See New England

New England and Canada’s Atlantic Seaboard are high on many travelers’ bucket lists—and for good reason. This region combines exquisite natural beauty with a fascinating history. But New England is...   Read more

FoxNews Recognizes Faith-Based Travel as a Growing Industry

Is Christian travel currently enjoying a moment of well-deserved recognition? We’ve been leading exceptional travel experiences for churches and ministries since 1981. So, Christian cruises and tours definitely aren’t a...   Read more

Photo Tour: A Christian Cruise of Glorious Tahiti

The popularity of cruising is on the rise. More Americans cruised in 2015 than ever before. Cruising allows you to discover some of the world’s most sought-after destinations without ever...   Read more

11 Insider Cruise Tips You Need to Know

Cruisers heading to regions like Alaska, New England, the Caribbean or the Mediterranean are eager to learn about these destinations. And while the expert commentary they receive from Inspiration explains...   Read more

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