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Gearing Up for Israel

When your friendly photographers are packing their bags for Israel, we can’t neglect the necessities: good walking shoes, a wide-brimmed hat, and a few other essentials! Who knows what unforgettable...   Read more

Packing for Our Big Trip

Filling our gallon bags and making sure we have all our electronics. Last minute packing has us running around, but we look forward to seeing Jerusalem! Psalm 122:6 Todd Turner...   Read more

Being a Testimony before the Watching World

On our last visit to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial in Jersusalem, I noticed a young guide taking a group of Israeli Air Force pilots on a tour of the...   Read more

Watch for the Object Lessons

I always get a kick out of the road signs in Israel… all the Bible names and places that I have known since childhood posted on 21st century highway signs!...   Read more

Follow Along During the Trip

You don’t need to board an airplane in order to see the sights of Israel or hear from those who are moved closer to God by what they’ve seen. Keep...   Read more

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