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Boat and a Rainbow on the Sea of Galilee

A small boat accompanied by a rainbow on the Sea of Galilee after the rain along with a breath-taking view from the 7th floor of the Leonardo in Tiberias. Andy...   Read more

Chuck Swindoll on the Sea of Galilee Tonight

Just after a meaningful worship service on the Sea of Galilee. Wayne Stiles Sapphire Bus 6  Read more

Today was Even More Amazing

Didn’t think yesterday could be topped as we witnessed several baptisms in theSea of Galilee, followed by a beautiful rainbow appearing out of nowhere.  But today was even more amazing....   Read more

A Peek at Century One Nazareth

This morning we visited the Nazareth Village and got some great shots. Wayne Stiles Sapphire Bus 6  Read more

Streams at Dan

Water, clear and pure, flows from several underground springs to form the Dan River, which then feeds the Jordan River. Jesus undoubtedly thought of springs like these when He saw...   Read more

Olive Press at Nazareth Village

Our “Ha Chet-zi” (“we didn’t know the half of it” from I Kings 10:7) moment today was hearing the description of the olive press at Nazareth Village compared to that of...   Read more

Sunset on the Sea of Galilee

It was a rainy, windy, cold day following in the footsteps of the New Testament, but what a wonderful welcome we had upon arriving in Tiberias! The Sea of Galilee,...   Read more

Widow’s Mite

Our group guide, Avi, found this when we visited Caesarea by the sea this morning. What is it? In Luke 21:2 the widow put two small copper coins (all she had) into...   Read more

We’re Bound for the Promised Land

At last, we’re heading up from the south! When Moses and the Hebrew children headed toward Canaan, they headed around to the east of the Jordan River and entered across...   Read more

Insight for Living 2014 Norwegian Fjords Cruise

A Preview of Norway with Chuck & Cynthia Swindoll

What makes a trip unforgettable? For some, it’s the location: the spectacular Alaskan coastline or the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. For others, it’s the focus of a vacation,...   Read more

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