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Everybody Needs a Place of Refuge

Who comes to mind when you think of a refugee? The person I envision isn’t someone who travels across an ocean to find freedom from an oppressive government. I’m thinking...   Read more

Main Street in Skagway, Alaska

Minus the power lines and paved road, you’d think this was an old western town. (Let’s just imagine those men walking down the street in cowboy hats and bolo ties.)...   Read more

Candy – the old fashioned way!

If there’s one thing that satisfies my traveling heart, it’s finding that little hole-in-the-wall eatery that only the locals know about. Those special little nooks are filled with good food and...   Read more

Celebrating America with Toilet Paper

Growing up in a small town in the California’s Central Valley, I have lots of good memories of summertime activities: walking down to our one lone grocery store to buy...   Read more

Spawning Salmon and God’s Great Love

Call me immature, but there’s something about the word “spawning” that makes me feel a little sheepish. So when I found out that we’d be going to Ketchican, Alaska—the Salmon...   Read more

Helpful, Friendly Characters

The nice thing about traveling with nice people is that there are plenty of folks ready to step up to do nice things. Don Jones of Bus 1 fearlessly directs...   Read more

Additional Pictures from Israel

Welcome home, fellow travelers! Our almost-two weeks together in Israel were amazing, weren’t they? I want to personally thank you for joining us and making the trip just that much...   Read more

A Wonderful Point of View

This was my point of view for our times together. What a wonderful time getting to meet you! Paul Sailhamer Tour Emcee  Read more

David’s Fateful Vantage Point

Flanked on two sides by steep valleys, the ancient City of David enjoyed a tremendous military advantage—making it relatively easy to defend. At the summit, a stepped-stone structure represents one...   Read more

City of David—the Original Jerusalem

When people picture the city of Jerusalem, they usually think of the historic Western Wall, or the Old City, or the Temple Mount crowned with the Golden Dome of the...   Read more

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