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Yad Vashem

Israel’s holocaust museum. Sobering. Jim C. Jade Bus 7  Read more

Video: En Gedi Gold

The same waters that refreshed David as he ran from Saul delight Gold Bus 3 at the desert oasis of En Gedi.  Read more

Resurrecting Scripture at Qumran

Today we saw the place where a small, first-century community scribbled away copies of the Scriptures and other texts. They sealed their scrolls in clay jars and hid them in...   Read more

A Living Symbol

One remarkable thing about traveling in Israel is encountering living connections to the past. Take the palm tree, for example. The palm tree has long been a national symbol of...   Read more

A Few Friendly Shepherds

We’re nearing the end of our journey and these cheerful shepherds are still smiling as they stand near the banks of the Jordan River. Left to Right: Mark Snyder, Todd...   Read more

Will Sing for … Bagels?

A blackened pastry attached to a mandolin case? That can only mean one thing: tour musician Jeff Taylor has managed to earn himself a coveted Burnt Bagel Award! We can...   Read more

Video: Masada—A Symbol of Jewish Freedom

Gary and Bonnie Taylor experience Jewish history and culture at the ruins of Herod’s hilltop fortress.  Read more

Where Jesus Was Baptized

Although two days ago we drove beside the Jordan River, today we got up close. And what better place than where Jesus was baptized? It wasn’t the beauty of the...   Read more

Fighting for Freedom

Herod the Great’s desert citadel became the final stronghold of the Jews’ brave and tragic revolt against Rome. This moving monument got me thinking about the value of freedom. How...   Read more

When All You Have to Cling to Is Faith

This man brought himself to the Western Wall to pray. His disheveled appearance immediately caught my eye. He was such a contrast to the stark black and white of the...   Read more

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