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Gold Bus 3 Goes Shopping

Walking around the old city of Jerusalem buying gifts for our family members. Todd Turner Gold Bus 3 Shepherd  Read more

Jesus Will Return

Looking at the Golden Gate where the Messiah will enter the city makes me desire the day when I will be with my King! Todd Turner Gold Bus 3 Shepherd  Read more

Video: Jordan River—Worshiping on the Banks

Buddy Greene and Jeff Taylor lead us in a soulful rendition of “Shall We Gather” on the banks of the Jordan River.  Read more

Bird over Masada

Thought you might like this picture . . . not sure of the type of bird. Its sheer strength and stature just struck me when I saw the pic ....   Read more

Traveling Companions

Tricia Short and Melinda Kirkland (Qumran National Park) and two great bus shepherds, Mike and Katie Beitler (near David Waterfall, En Gedi) who prove daily that Job is not the...   Read more

A Site That Makes Jaws Drop

As our group made its way in the Tunnel Tour, along the full length of the Wall—a total of 1500 feet— bits of archaeology from the first century came into...   Read more

The Little Things

When you are trying to take in all of the history of Jerusalem, it is easy to overlook the beautiful art and architectural details found all over the city. Mike...   Read more

Question and Answer Time

Here’s a question: What major site in Jerusalem can a visitor see without wasting daylight but that still requires men to wear a hat? (Okay, so you could wear a...   Read more

Whales at the Dead Sea

This is the beach where tourists float in the Dead Sea and slather mud on their bodies. Okay, I’ll just say it. Some people should NOT wear a swimsuit. Wayne...   Read more

Video: What Is It Like on the Eggplant Bus?

We ask sisters Stacey and Dea for the inside scoop on life on the Eggplant Bus.  Read more

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