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Travel the world…from home

  During this unprecedented time when millions of people are practicing social distancing and perhaps even have had their bucket list travel plans delayed or canceled, we want to provide...   Read more

Remembering God’s Sovereignty as We Travel

If traveling around the world has taught us anything, it is that God is in control. No matter how much we plan, check, double-and-triple-check our long list of logistical details,...   Read more

Christian Travel during COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

As people look ahead to their travels or consider booking a trip, it is possible they have concerns about Coronavirus (COVID-19). Know that the health and wellbeing of our travel...   Read more

Oberammergau Passion Play: The Last Medieval Gospel Reenactment

Nestled beneath the majestic Bavarian Alps are the picturesque gabled houses of Oberammergau, a little village of around 5,000 people. Despite its diminutive size, hundreds of thousands of faith-filled visitors...   Read more

Israel Tours: Why David Arthur and Kay Arthur Return Every Year

By David Arthur Precept Ministries celebrates its 50th year of ministry in 2020. As of today, we are working in nearly 180 countries. By God’s grace, our Bible studies are...   Read more

How Cruise Ships Navigate Challenging Terrain

Facing unfamiliar and unknown territory is daunting. As Christians, we can look to God for guidance as we travel through the changes and challenges in our lives. Our staff encountered...   Read more

One Cool Beene: Interview With a Top Gospel Concert Promoter

Managing 80 to 100 concerts a year all around the world—including Christian music cruises and multiday festivals—Landon Beene has a full calendar. But his experience also gives him unique insight...   Read more

[Webinar] Why Israel is Important for the Church Today

  The impact and influence of Israel are important, reaching beyond the pages of the Old Testament and the Gospel accounts of Christ’s life. Israel is integral to the life...   Read more

4 Travel Tips to Make the Most of Your Trip

You’ve been looking forward to this trip for months, possibly even years. It’s finally here. Packed bags ready as you prepare to depart, you want to make the most of...   Read more

[Webinar] The One Growth Opportunity Most Churches are Missing

  After talking to hundreds of pastors, we don’t have to guess. Two of the biggest challenges facing Christian leaders and pastors today are: • Getting People in the Door...   Read more

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