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A Gospel Music Bucket List: Six Toe-Tapping Experiences

Our travelers appreciate a variety of musical genres, but few are as popular on our Christian cruises and tours as gospel music. From award-winning performers like The Isaacs and The...   Read more

The Isaacs on Faith, Music and Travel

Sonya Isaacs is a beloved singer-songwriter both as a solo artist and as part of The Isaacs, a group that frequently performs on our cruises and tours. Despite the demands...   Read more

ReTHINK Your Travels

Travel is back on the horizon with exciting opportunities for you to reconnect with God, revisit the places you love and reimagine what it means to take a vacation. In...   Read more

The Best Places to Travel in the USA in 2021

Every year, Travel + Leisure compiles a list of the best places to travel that typically identifies far-flung, international destinations. But their most recent list took a more domestic approach....   Read more

Travel in 2021: Reunited…and It Feels So Good

The possibility of travel in 2021 is quickly becoming a reality as improved safety protocols and COVID-19 vaccines are released. We’ve felt that rush of anticipation as we start to...   Read more

Inspiration’s Christmas Playlist on Spotify

In addition to the travel itself, one of the most enjoyable aspects of our work is the opportunity to spend time with an incredible number of award-winning Christian musicians. From...   Read more


The Best of Christian Travel: “Behind the Scenes with Host Laurence Fishburne”

We were elated when PBS approached us to be featured on “Behind the Scenes with Host Laurence Fishburne.” This award-winning educational television series highlights the innovation of various industries through...   Read more


Returning to the Best Places in Israel

We always look forward to visiting Israel, and for many of our travelers and staff, it is a home away from home. Now that safety protocols are being put in...   Read more

Curated Artistic Goodies from Israel

What if you could experience the Holy Land…from home? We love Israel and are always looking for ways to bring a part of our experience home with us. When our...   Read more

Industry Innovations for Healthy Travel

Hope is on the horizon for healthy travel. As Christian cruises and tours return, we are elated to share that the travel industry has continued to place the highest priority...   Read more

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