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ReTHINK Your Travels

Travel is back on the horizon with exciting opportunities for you to reconnect with God, revisit the places you love and reimagine what it means to take a vacation. In...   Read more

The Best Places to Travel in the USA in 2021

Every year, Travel + Leisure compiles a list of the best places to travel that typically identifies far-flung, international destinations. But their most recent list took a more domestic approach....   Read more


The Best of Christian Travel: “Behind the Scenes with Host Laurence Fishburne”

We were elated when PBS approached us to be featured on “Behind the Scenes with Host Laurence Fishburne.” This award-winning educational television series highlights the innovation of various industries through...   Read more


Returning to the Best Places in Israel

We always look forward to visiting Israel, and for many of our travelers and staff, it is a home away from home. Now that safety protocols are being put in...   Read more

How Travel Increases Happiness

As we consider what brings us joy, we’ve realized just how important time with loved ones is. This is why so many people love traveling with others. It boosts happiness!...   Read more

Missing Travel?

As travel enthusiasts, one of our favorite words comes from the German language: “fernweh.” It’s sometimes translated as “wanderlust,” but our German friends tell us that’s not exactly accurate. A...   Read more

Survey Says! Thoughts from Christian Travelers

With Christian travel enthusiasts trusting us year-round to plan their spiritual getaways with God, we felt uniquely positioned to survey the industry’s most valuable resource––YOU. We wanted to hear your...   Read more

Unpacking Bible Prophecy in Israel

by Dr. Robert Jeffress We’re so thankful for these timely thoughts Dr. Jeffress is sharing with us about prophecy. It’s one of the reasons we love traveling in Israel. There...   Read more

Kotor, Santorini, and Other Places We Miss in the Mediterranean

Of course, we are missing travel destinations everywhere, from the sacred streets of Jerusalem to the pristine forests of Alaska. But there’s something uniquely enthralling about the Mediterranean. Home to some...   Read more

We Love Christian Travel. Do You?

Love God + Love travel. We’ve created a new way for Christian travelers to cultivate friendships and connections around a shared love of travel: our brand-new Facebook group (click here...   Read more

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