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Magdala – The Astonishing Discovery of a Biblical Village

The first-century port town of Migdal (now named Magdala after Mary Magdalene) is home to an ongoing excavation that’s captured the attention of historians and scholars as well as spiritual...   Read more

With Us, You’ll Never Travel Alone

If you’ve traveled before, you know the excitement of embarking on a journey to a new place. Sometimes a change of pace and scenery is all it takes to restore...   Read more

Praying for the Peace and Prosperity of Jerusalem

You likely already know the prominent place Jerusalem plays in biblical prophecy and God’s plan for Believers. His plans are still unfolding…which is why the exhortation of Psalm 122 is...   Read more

Heroes of the Holy Land: The Must-See Friends of Zion Museum

The Friends of Zion Museum (also known as “the FOZ”) in downtown Jerusalem is a unique museum with a powerful focus. FOZ shares the significant historical story of Jewish survival,...   Read more

Harmonic Homecoming: A Lost-and-Found Luggage Story

Musician Jeff Taylor Almost every frequent traveler has a story about lost luggage. Not all of them have happy endings, though. Although new technology has streamlined the baggage-handling process—today’s airlines...   Read more


Why Travel Is So Beneficial for Families and Couples

It’s National Travel Week, and while our cruises and tours are built around the concept of Christian travel—deepening each passenger’s personal relationship with God—we also appreciate travel’s impact on other...   Read more

How Inspiration is Investing in the Central Valley

Inspiration Cruises & Tours may be a global travel company with an international focus, but we’re based in Fresno, California. Alongside our efforts to manage exceptional Christian cruises and tours...   Read more

Travel Bucket List—Are these top destinations on YOUR list?

More than 800 travel experts—including Inspiration—were asked by FlightNetwork to compile and rank the best travel experiences in the world. These 50 amazing experiences topping the World’s Ultimate Bucket List©...   Read more

Inspiration Cruises & Tours Wins Coveted LUX Life Award—Three Years in a Row!

Inspiration has been named the Best Christian Travel Management Company by LUX in its 2019 Travel & Tourism Awards. This quarterly UK-based lifestyle magazine honored Inspiration alongside other businesses that...   Read more

New U.S. MOBILE Passport APP to breeze through customs

It never fails. The excitement of travel and visiting new places eventually gives way to eager anticipation of returning home. Even for die-hard travelers like our Inspiration Cruises & Tours...   Read more

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