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11 Things You Should Never Pack for Travel

It’s only three words—three little words that keep most travelers from packing light—and even cause them to end up paying extra for baggage fees. What are they? “Just in case.”...   Read more


10 of our Favorite Churches from Around the World

Meeting Believers from around the world is a distinct hallmark of Christian travel. And nothing conveys a people group’s unique perspective of and devotion to God more than their place...   Read more


Living Your Travel Dreams Now

People who travel leave home for all sorts of reasons: to take in new destinations, see from a different perspective, break from work, sample other cultures, have an adventure and,...   Read more

How Not to Lose Things While Traveling

In order to have the travel experience of your life, you want each day to be worry-free. And what’s more worrisome than not being able to find a personal belonging...   Read more


How to make Perfect Israeli-Style Hummus

For many Christian travelers, visiting Israel means experiencing authentic Mediterranean cuisine for the first time. Along with the culture, people and spiritual impact of seeing Israel, they also fall in...   Read more

6 Common Travel Mistakes & How to Avoid them

The next time you’re traveling and some setback threatens to annoy you, try applying one of these insider travel tips to help make sure you keep moving forward. In this...   Read more

Money Saving Ideas for Delicious Food on-the-go

How about biting into a delicious sandwich at 30,000 feet…without having to spend a dime? Sure, it sounds great, but packing a lunch in addition to packing a suitcase can...   Read more

5 Travel-Friendly Fashion Finds

You want to feel comfortable and look fantastic when you’re on vacation, but heading off to your next destination is not simply a question of how to pack your suitcase—it’s...   Read more

Time-saving Airport Tips

7 Steps to a Stress-free Airport Experience

If you’re planning an upcoming travel experience, relaxation is probably one of the things you’re most looking forward to. But getaways often begin with air travel, and airports can feel...   Read more

The Key to a Good Night’s Sleep… Anywhere

Relaxing during your travels begins with a good night’s sleep. Nothing is worse than the frustration of not being able to fall asleep when you need to! The biggest culprits...   Read more

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