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Pro-Packing Made Easy

With traveling comes packing. Love it or hate it, there’s no way to get around it. And just as there are many types of travelers, there seem to be just...   Read more


Put some Sizzle in your Summer: Grilled Lamb Chops

If traveling has its perks, food is definitely one of them. As we cruise and tour the world, we’re forever collecting recipe ideas for favorite dishes with the intent of...   Read more


8 Innovations Changing the Way We Travel

It’s hard to believe how much has changed since the Wright brothers’ first powered flight just 113 years ago. Today, the rapid development of new technology continues to make travel...   Read more

Are you a Missionary or a Tourist? {3 Question Quiz}

A staggering 68 million people from America alone traveled to a foreign country in 2014. Most of these travelers probably considered themselves vacationers—but is this the mindset a follower of...   Read more

9 of Our Favorite Travel Apps to Enhance your Journey

When you picture yourself on the perfect Christian travel experience, you’re most likely looking forward to fresh teaching in glorious settings, unique fellowship with other Believers and worshipping God in...   Read more

6 Ways to Enjoy your Vacation Before you Take It

Are you tired of waiting to board your flight, arrive at your destination and begin enjoying your upcoming getaway? Don’t fast-forward through the preparation process! According to experts, the planning...   Read more

11 Things You Should Never Pack for Travel

It’s only three words—three little words that keep most travelers from packing light—and even cause them to end up paying extra for baggage fees. What are they? “Just in case.”...   Read more


10 of our Favorite Churches from Around the World

Meeting Believers from around the world is a distinct hallmark of Christian travel. And nothing conveys a people group’s unique perspective of and devotion to God more than their place...   Read more


Living Your Travel Dreams Now

People who travel leave home for all sorts of reasons: to take in new destinations, see from a different perspective, break from work, sample other cultures, have an adventure and,...   Read more

How Not to Lose Things While Traveling

In order to have the travel experience of your life, you want each day to be worry-free. And what’s more worrisome than not being able to find a personal belonging...   Read more

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