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Get to Know the Whales of Alaska…By Name

“Does anybody see one?” buzzed a woman behind me. As the rest of the passengers filed onto the deck, the murmured excitement mounted. We had just reached open water after...   Read more


Gloria Gaither on Unscripted Moments

By Gloria Gaither There is a certain thing that can happen in a one-night concert in an auditorium or arena, and Bill and I have been sharing such evenings with...   Read more

Gospel Legend CeCe Winans’ First Inspiration Cruise

2017 is shaping up to be a big one for Gospel music legend CeCe Winans. Her latest record, Let Them Fall in Love, released February 3rd, represents the Detroit star’s...   Read more

Holland America: Celebrating 70 Years Cruising the 49th State

Alaska has only been part of the United States since 1959, which makes the state 58 years old. But our travel partner, Holland America Line (HAL), has been introducing cruise...   Read more

Inside an Alaska Cruise: Passenger Video

Most of our passengers return from our cruises and tours with a smartphone full of photos or videos, excited to share their experience with friends back home. But an Australian...   Read more


Amy Grant Talks about Music and Travel

If ever there were anyone who didn’t need an introduction, it’s Amy Grant. Her distinctive voice carrying the haunting melody of “El Shaddai” seems to be forever etched into the...   Read more


Ketchikan: Green Gem of Alaska

The astounding landscape of Alaska is as massive as it is magnificent, and the tiny gem of Ketchikan is the diamond in the rough. This unassuming frontier town, nestled along...   Read more

A Wink from God (Alaska Memories)

Last week onboard the Holland America Westerdam, we were busy meeting new friends. Greg taught three times, and we had the joy of having Jonathan, Brittni, and their three little...   Read more

The Wild Calm: Alaska’s secret to Hearing God’s Voice

“Silence is indispensable if we hope to add depth to our spiritual life.”—Chuck Swindoll I’ll admit it: I’m a workaholic. My normal routine is one of constant pressure—staying on top...   Read more

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Alaska Makes Top 10 List of Kid-Friendly Vacations

Alaska is gaining attention for being not only one of North America’s top cruise destinations, but for being a favorite travel spot for families with children as well. We were...   Read more

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