Articles from Alaska

Muting the Noise to Hear God’s Voice: Lessons from Alaska

What a perspective-changer this vacation has been. It’s such a contrast to my normal routine of trying to stay on top of everything – of living at the mercy of...   Read more

There’s Something Redemptive About Rain

It’s a gloomy, overcast day here on Creek Street in Ketchikan, Alaska and I’m loving it. Too many hot days back home have left me wanting a little weather. I’ve found a...   Read more

Cultivating a Pioneer Spirit

Between the carpool, ballet, gymnastics, ball games, movies and drive-thru dinners, our family has one opportunity to gather together. It happens on Sunday mornings, when we worship God. But sometimes...   Read more

Adventures in Skagway

A passenger really needed their morning cappuccino (non-fat, sugar-free vanilla, wet foam), so the captain steered the ship ashore for a little off-roading trip to the local coffee shop. OK, not really…it’s...   Read more

Third Day Concert Starring…YOU!

You know that daydream where you’re at a concert? It’s your favorite band. You’re in the front row—you can literally touch the stage. The lights are blinding and the fog...   Read more

Main Street in Skagway, Alaska

Minus the power lines and paved road, you’d think this was an old western town. (Let’s just imagine those men walking down the street in cowboy hats and bolo ties.)...   Read more

A Gaither Homecoming Miles From Home

The Gaither Vocal Band: that legendary group whose first album was recorded on a cassette tape (that was a long time ago!). Yet, their music has not lost a beat...   Read more

Stop and Listen

Waking up early this morning in Alaska, I hear nothing but the very faint lapping of sea against the side of the ship. Though everything is quiet, the sights scream...   Read more

Candy – the old fashioned way!

If there’s one thing that satisfies my traveling heart, it’s finding that little hole-in-the-wall eatery that only the locals know about. Those special little nooks are filled with good food and...   Read more

Celebrating America with Toilet Paper

Growing up in a small town in the California’s Central Valley, I have lots of good memories of summertime activities: walking down to our one lone grocery store to buy...   Read more

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