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Heeding the Call of the Wild in Alaska

It began when I read Jack London’s The Call of the Wild at the age of 13. Alaska has captivated me ever since—the pioneer spirit, the electric blue glaciers, the...   Read more

Gospel Music Celebration 2013 Alaska Cruise

Gospel Music’s Floating Family

Ask anyone to list the most important things in life, and one of those answers is bound to be “family.” Those blood relationships are vital. But I’m learning that genetics...   Read more

Freedom Singers Gospel Music Celebration 2013 Alaska Cruise

Where Two or More Are Gathered

You’ve heard it before, of course: The Church isn’t a physical building, made of bricks and stained-glass windows and a steeple. The Church—with a capital C—is people. God’s people, gathered...   Read more

It was a family affair Urban Alternative with Tony Evans

The Ever Available Evans Family

My husband and I have been followers of Tony and Lois Evans for years. We have close friends in Dallas who attend his church. We are regular listeners to his...   Read more

Alaska cruise with Dr. Tony Evans & The Urban Alternative

A Higher Perspective

As we stepped off the ship in Alaska’s capital, Mount Juneau rose up in the background, green and rugged. After our group assembled, we climbed into the enclosed Mt. Roberts...   Read more

Muting the Noise to Hear God’s Voice: Lessons from Alaska

What a perspective-changer this vacation has been. It’s such a contrast to my normal routine of trying to stay on top of everything – of living at the mercy of...   Read more

There’s Something Redemptive About Rain

It’s a gloomy, overcast day here on Creek Street in Ketchikan, Alaska and I’m loving it. Too many hot days back home have left me wanting a little weather. I’ve found a...   Read more

Cultivating a Pioneer Spirit

Between the carpool, ballet, gymnastics, ball games, movies and drive-thru dinners, our family has one opportunity to gather together. It happens on Sunday mornings, when we worship God. But sometimes...   Read more

Adventures in Skagway

A passenger really needed their morning cappuccino (non-fat, sugar-free vanilla, wet foam), so the captain steered the ship ashore for a little off-roading trip to the local coffee shop. OK, not really…it’s...   Read more

Third Day Concert Starring…YOU!

You know that daydream where you’re at a concert? It’s your favorite band. You’re in the front row—you can literally touch the stage. The lights are blinding and the fog...   Read more

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