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A Lecrae-zy Time Together

Up until January 15th I had three genres on my iPod: classical, contemporary Christian, and Barry Manilow (I know…I can’t help it – it’s my guilty pleasure). But ever since my...   Read more

A Greater Vision from Onstage

I don’t mean to brag, but I kind of have the coolest job on the face of the planet. I get paid to travel the world with Inspiration Cruises &...   Read more

MercyMe Rocks on Caribbean Sands

You really can’t go wrong with MercyMe. They’re kind of like a musical fab five. Only they’re not basketball players or gymnasts (or whichever other fab five you’re thinking of...   Read more

Interview with Bill Gaither

As talented as Bill Gaither is, and as well traveled and wise as he is, you’d think it’d be no trouble to interview him about his traveling experiences and wonderful...   Read more

The Pinnacle of our Trip

Traveling is what brought my husband and me together. In fact, we met in Europe where I was studying abroad and he was doing his own study of sorts –...   Read more

A Day Without Messes

It’s been a long time running since I’ve experienced a day as refreshing as this one. I’ll tell you about it, but be warned: you may get a little jealous. It...   Read more

Sea Still

It’s 3 o’clock on a Thursday afternoon. Normally I’d be in my office answering an endless stream of email, silencing an ever-ringing phone and battling with the printer, which never...   Read more

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