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Kotor, Santorini, and Other Places We Miss in the Mediterranean

Of course, we are missing travel destinations everywhere, from the sacred streets of Jerusalem to the pristine forests of Alaska. But there’s something uniquely enthralling about the Mediterranean. Home to some...   Read more

The Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship: a Time Magazine’s 2019 Top Destination

Time magazine publishes an annual list of the “World’s Greatest Places,” identifying 100 unique destinations they recommend to their readers. This list of unforgettable places includes an array of museums,...   Read more


New Testament Paradise: Guide to the Mediterranean

Revered as an extravagant vacation paradise, the Mediterranean has long been one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. Yearly, millions of tourists—the majority European—flock to these sun-drenched shores. Legendary...   Read more

An Ephesus Epiphany

When I get that “spring cleaning” fever to scrub the baseboards or scour the kitchen sink I’m reminded of the way that God is sanctifying me. It seems that the...   Read more

Carrying The Flame Within Me

I have an obsession that peaks every four years (no—it’s not my psychosis with leap year) that I’ve had ever since I was eight years old. I still recall with...   Read more

My Favorite Italian Restaurant

Hey Everyone- Do you like Italian food? I sure do. As you know, we recently completed a trip to Israel, Greece, and Rome. So I wanted to give you look at...   Read more

Greg Laurie: In Athens

Here’s a video from our travels to Italy and Turkey. Pastor Greg in Athens.  Read more

The Fish of Ephesus

Here’s a video from our travels to Italy and Turkey. Look at the fishy!  Read more

The Library at Ephesus

Here’s a video from our travels to Italy and Turkey. The Library at Ephesus  Read more

The House of Caiaphas

At the house of Caiaphas.  Read more

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