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Mysteries of the Garden Tomb

From the shores of Galilee to the bustling streets of Jerusalem, our Israel tours bring passengers face-to-face with biblical history. But few sites have the spiritual impact of the Garden...   Read more

Inspiration’s 20-year Partnership with Sar-El Tours

In this brief video, Inspiration Cruises & Tours President Steve Dick interviews Samuel Smadja, our highly respected partner and friend. Samuel’s decades of experience in the travel industry led us...   Read more


Unexpected Community

By Skip Heitzig  In my years as a pastor, I’ve noticed that most Christians are familiar with the New Testament Greek word koinonia, translated in our English Bibles as fellowship....   Read more


Unique Places in Israel: Yad Hashmona

Nestled in a quiet Judean hillside twenty minutes west of Jerusalem, is a place you’ve likely never heard of. Yet, it’s the only place like it in the world. Yad...   Read more

It all started on an Inspiration Tour of Israel

From getting born again to getting the last available spot on Joel Rosenberg’s 2011 Israel Tour to meeting her future husband who was attending that same tour in Israel—this young...   Read more


7 Surprises for First-Time Travelers to Israel

We love hearing from passengers at the end of an Israel tour. They appreciate the depth of their spiritual experiences the most; along with things like carefree transportation. But one...   Read more

Where to Find the Best Hummus in Jerusalem

In a recent post, we shared a recipe that’s the closest we’ve come to making authentic Israeli hummus here in the States. After all, a newfound love for hummus is...   Read more


Secrets of New Testament Rome

Off the Tourist Trail in a Biblical City  Contemporary travel to Rome tends to focus on three things: food, historical architecture, and the Vatican. There’s good reason for this, of course....   Read more


Where Heaven and Earth Intersect

By Cathe Laurie “Then he dreamed, and behold, a ladder was set up on the earth, and its top reached to heaven; and there the angels of God were ascending...   Read more


What happens to prayer notes at the Western Wall?

‘The Wall,’ as it’s often simply called, was once the retaining wall below the plaza of the Second Temple—the only part of the massive structure left standing after Roman armies...   Read more

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