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Where to Find the Best Hummus in Jerusalem

In a recent post, we shared a recipe that’s the closest we’ve come to making authentic Israeli hummus here in the States. After all, a newfound love for hummus is...   Read more


Secrets of New Testament Rome

Off the Tourist Trail in a Biblical City  Contemporary travel to Rome tends to focus on three things: food, historical architecture, and the Vatican. There’s good reason for this, of course....   Read more


Where Heaven and Earth Intersect

By Cathe Laurie “Then he dreamed, and behold, a ladder was set up on the earth, and its top reached to heaven; and there the angels of God were ascending...   Read more


What happens to prayer notes at the Western Wall?

‘The Wall,’ as it’s often simply called, was once the retaining wall below the plaza of the Second Temple—the only part of the massive structure left standing after Roman armies...   Read more

Israel’s Airport Voted one of World’s Best—and Safest!

Leading Christian tours to Israel is a big part of what we do. In fact, we have 11 Holy Land tours on our calendar for 2016 already. The only international...   Read more

Keeping It Kosher on a Christian Tour to Israel

If you’re like most Christians traveling to Israel for the first time, the concept of kosher food has probably piqued your curiosity. Many don’t fully understand the term and wonder...   Read more

Hanukkah Wishes (and Recipes) from Inspiration

Throughout the year, we work closely with several ministries to lead tour groups to Israel. Like many Christians, the Holy Land and its people are dear to our hearts—which means...   Read more

A Trip of a Lifetime

A trip of a lifetime….what exactly would confer a description like that? As I was preparing for my Holy Land Tour, a couple of my friends and coworkers who had...   Read more

Anne Graham Lotz teaching about Disciples living in the light of Christ's return" Matthew 24 from Mount of Olives garden

9-1-1: Join Anne Graham Lotz on Labor Day to Pray for Jerusalem

This week, our ministry partner, Anne Graham Lotz, posted an impassioned video from Jerusalem calling God’s people to pray on Monday, September 1st, for the people living in the Holy...   Read more

Family Fun at the Gai Beach Hotel in Tiberias, Israel

Several members of our team were recently in Israel doing advance planning work for our In Touch Ministries tour with Dr. Charles Stanley in September. Despite the conflict between Israel...   Read more

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