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Diversity and Peace Still Reign in Jerusalem

For the last several days, Inspiration president, Steve Dick, has been in the Holy Land preparing for our upcoming tour with In Touch Ministries & Dr. Charles Stanley. Despite the...   Read more

Life Continues as Normal at Jerusalem Shopping Mall

Inspiration president, Steve Dick, was in Israel just days ago planning an upcoming tour led by Dr. Charles Stanley & In Touch Ministries. He took a moment at Jerusalem’s upscale Mamilla Mall to note...   Read more

Inspiration President Steve Dick Reports from Jerusalem

Though the American news media continues to focus on the conflict between Israel and Hamas, the reality is that life goes on as normal in tourist-heavy places like Jerusalem. Inspiration’s...   Read more

[UPDATE 10/24/14] Unrest in Israel: News from Jerusalem

You’ve no doubt seen the news. Unrest in the Middle East has been a constant throughout history, especially in a place where so many cultures, religious beliefs and political ideas...   Read more

K-Love Donor Wins Unexpected Israel Tour, Asks “How did this happen?”

Sometimes God answers prayer in the most surprising and delightful ways. In the words of K-LOVE contest winner William Gray, “How did this happen? Praise God!” Inspiration recently partnered with...   Read more

15 Things Don Moen Would Never Tell You about Himself

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Don Moen for our upcoming tour to Israel this September. The opportunity to worship in the land of the Bible with one of America’s...   Read more

Asaf Tours Israel

Portrait of an Israeli Driver – Steering With Integrity

The Middle East is known for a longstanding tradition of hospitality and the local emphasis on caring for guests and visitors is one of our favorite aspects of travel in...   Read more

Explore Israel in Depth with a New, Interactive Video

On their website, our friends at Israel’s Ministry of Tourism have released an interactive video in which you can choose your preferred “tour guide” and follow him or her through...   Read more

Southern Steps Israel

Israel Sets Another Tourism Record High

Over the past couple of years, the nation of Israel has seen a dramatic increase in hotel construction and tourism. In April, Israel’s Ministry of Tourism released its tourism numbers...   Read more

An Inside Look at Coffee Culture in Israel

One thing that surprises many of our first-time travelers is the fact that regular “American” coffee—the ubiquitous kind drip-brewed through filters in a coffee maker—doesn’t always exist in other countries....   Read more

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