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Southern Steps Israel

Israel Sets Another Tourism Record High

Over the past couple of years, the nation of Israel has seen a dramatic increase in hotel construction and tourism. In April, Israel’s Ministry of Tourism released its tourism numbers...   Read more

An Inside Look at Coffee Culture in Israel

One thing that surprises many of our first-time travelers is the fact that regular “American” coffee—the ubiquitous kind drip-brewed through filters in a coffee maker—doesn’t always exist in other countries....   Read more

Bless the Land of Israel & Honor a Loved One—Plant a Memorial Tree

The nation of Israel is dear to us at Inspiration. Not just because leading Christian tours to the Holy Land is a significant part of our work, but because we...   Read more

Hotel Construction and Tourism Thriving in Israel

With over 16 Israel tours on our calendar in 2014, it’s clear that Inspiration—along with our ministry partners—believe the Holy Land to be one of the world’s best travel destinations....   Read more

50 Years of Dr. David Jeremiah’s Personal Reflections Shared in One Study Bible

It’s not often that a book release packs out Madison Square Garden in New York City, features performances from top Christian artists, and captures the attention of Donald Trump. But...   Read more

Tour England & France with Bodie & Brock Thoene Inspiration Cruises & Tours

English History Comes Alive on Two New Tours with Bodie & Brock Thoene

We are so excited about two upcoming tours led by new ministry partners Bodie & Brock Thoene. Readers of historical fiction already know this married writing team; whose 65 best-selling...   Read more

Anne Graham Lotz teaching on the Southern Steps Holy Spirit-Pentecost John 16:5-16; Acts 2:1-4

The Southern Steps: Disciples Are To Be Filled With The Holy Spirit

One of the highlights for all of us was our time on the Southern Steps, the original stones that led up onto the Temple Mount in Jesus day.  It was...   Read more

A Holy Matrimony Story That Started in the Holy Land

Regardless of how we grow up, I think everyone ends up with wounds they don’t know how to deal with. Mine came from a rebellious spirit that developed after my...   Read more

Israel Security Update

Dear Friends, Shalom. I pray that all is well with all of you. As you know, next Wednesday we here in Israel and throughout the Jewish world will begin our celebrations of...   Read more

Entrance to the Garden Tomb with Anne Graham Lotz

The Garden Tomb: Disciples Go And Tell Others

A hush fell over us as we walked through the manicured gardens to view the place of the skull which is now located at the back of a Palestinian bus...   Read more

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