Travel Tips for Washington D.C.

Using Money and Credit Cards in Washington D.C.

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As you plan for your upcoming tour with Inspiration, you may be wondering about using money and credit cards during your travels. We’ve made the following recommendations to help you save money, avoid unnecessary fees and focus on an exceptional travel experience.

  • Consider leaving all unnecessary credit cards at home.
  • Once you determine which cards you’ll bring, remember to notify each credit card company of your intended travel dates and locations to ensure fraud alerts and holds are not placed on your accounts.
  • For each card, you’ll want to store the bank’s contact information in a separate, secure location in the unlikely event your wallet or purse is lost.

Almost all businesses in Washington, D.C., accept credit or debit cards. Using your credit card for large purchases gives you more protection for the items you buy on your trip (you can look at your credit card statement to verify all of your purchases).

If you are traveling to Washington, D.C., from outside the United States and using currency other than the U.S. Dollar, we recommend checking the exchange rate before traveling. While most local banks will exchange currency for a fee, using a debit card to withdraw U.S. Dollars from an ATM typically offers the best rate (in addition to an ATM fee). Traditional currency exchange stores like Travelex are also located in the D.C. area.


While you’re traveling with us, we make your time as carefree as possible by covering all tips and gratuities associated with your tour, including hotel bellmen and housekeepers as well as your guide and motorcoach driver. If you visit various restaurants apart from the tour or take a taxi on your own, remember to include gratuity.

The general guideline for restaurant service workers is 15% of the bill and 20% or more to acknowledge excellent service.

For more information please call one of our Reservation Coordinators at 800 247 1899, Monday through Friday between 8:30am-5:00pm, Pacific Time.

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