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Lloyd S.
Lubbock, Texas
Our trip...was nothing but fun and exciting. Even seating was worked out to let everyone have a front row seat at least twice.
Hello: I'll start by saying that no one can make a trip and be 100% happy with everything. People forget to enjoy the experience and overlook minor problems. Our trip with inspiration cruises and the Gaither Homecoming group was nothing but fun and exciting. Even seating was worked out to let everyone have a front row seat at least twice. I will give some tips for first timers like myself. 1. Sign up and pay for your cruse no later than 8 months ahead of time. 2. Pick a room close to the middle of the ship and I found out the deck where the life boots are is perfect. you have access to go completely around the ship without climbing stairs or using elevators. It also has chairs for sitting and watching or photo shoots. But a Balconey room is great to. 3. Pay extra for before and after ship boarding and departing. You are picked up at your motel or airport in a limo and your bags are taken away at the dock and you escorted right up on the ship. At departing, you go through customs and are pick up quickly by the limo service and taken to your flight or motel. 4. Book a motel room coming and going if you can because the time schedules between the air lines and the ship can get you stranded in Seattle. Take a flight in one day early and stay over one day. Really, what's the hurry. 5. The food is great, but watch out, it is GOURMET and very yummy and rich, something most people are not used to and I almost made myself sick by over eating the first day. The upper deck cafe is open almost all the time so take it easy at first. Very little English spoken by the crew, so ask for yellow, white, bread, simple words that they hear all the time. 4. Last but not the least, book all your off shore excursions after you get on the ship. They will be automatically charged to your room and you receive a ticket to do each excursion. After the cruse, you receive an itemized bill from the ship to pay. it was great. We only carried $500.00 with us as spending money and came back with $400.00 after the trip. You don't (have to carry a lot of cash). But I will say that my wife and I got the experience of a life time. the scenery was great the people were great on and off the ship and we really enjoyed ourselves. I would do it again. Lloyd Stark
Forrest & Marilyn S.
Grand Rapids, MI
We had a wonderful time, as we experienced the beauty of God's creation as well as the fellowship of many of wonderful Christian people who have become life-time friends. We plan to travel with them again on land (those from around our dinner table.) We also appreciated the ministry of the word from both Charles and Andy Stanley. The main reason we scheduled this cruise was to hear the Collingsworth Family however, and we were disappointed that they did not sing more often. Some of the other music groups that DID perform were not to our liking and they performed many times, even repeating selections and by their own admission it was because they were "out" of music. Also there were some days that there were few "events" scheduled and on other days when we visited a port we also had as many as three events as well. We would have preferred to have things more evenly spread out. The food and accommodations were excellent and we were well cared for by the cruise staff. We have done many cruises but never with Holland American before. Their ships are not as fancy, but the staff was top-notch.
Lorna Chambers, President of DOVE Ministries
...that those of us who were there to witness it will just never, ever be the same again.
It was indeed a time of God's visitation to His people and it is not lost on us, that those of us who were there to witness it will just never, ever be the same again.
Courtney and Christina B.
This experience has increased our faith and ministry, we have grown so much in God this past week.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of this great missions trip. This was our first missions trip ever. This was a life changing experience and we thank you for being obedient to your calling. This was my first time praying for someone else outside of my family and the first time ever doing the prayer of salvation with someone. The children were so precious and I got the school info to stay in touch with them; they have already contacted both of us on facebook. This experience has increased our faith and ministry, we have grown so much in God this past week; God Bless u and your team for the gigantic leap of faith. And we were able to meet a married couple that has been a great inspiration in our lives for a long time now David and Tamela Mann. Also, I thank you for allowing my wife, actress/singer/songwriter Christina Benjamin to minister in song on the cruise ship on Tuesday May 31, 2011. This will not be our last missions trip and we are preparing for the next cruise. Also, we will be sending another love offering and trying to get some churches in Michigan involved to help out. God Bless And Thank you Again
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