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Dear Friends,

Shalom. I pray that all is well with all of you. As you know, next Wednesday we here in Israel and throughout the Jewish world will begin our celebrations of the Jewish New Year. We are looking forward to more blessings in this coming year in spite of the challenges faced in our region. I know that you are all seeing the news of the recent problems in the Middle East; both in Egypt and Syria. Though certainly our neighbors are embroiled in their own local conflicts, Israel remains secure and undisturbed by the problems north and south of our borders. It is true that there has been an occasional border skirmish but this has not affected Israeli life negatively in any way. In fact, Israel has become a refuge for wounded Syrians who are now being treated in our Northern Hospitals.

We pray for peace in our region and ask you to join us. Our neighbors are in desperate need of assistance at this time. My heart is encouraged when I see the efforts of Christian outreaches ministering to the refugees in Jordan. This is a real example of how to share the love of the Messiah to people in need. I am also very proud of Israel’s assistance to the badly wounded Syrians who, without a lot of media attention, are finding healing in our hospitals.

We will keep you up to date on the current situation in this part of the world. In the meantime, I do pray a blessed new year for all of your friends. We look forward to greeting all those traveling with us in the coming months.

With best regards for the new year.

God Bless, 

Samuel Smadja
President & Owner
Sar-El Tours & Conferences 

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