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Christian Tours with Inspiration Christian Tours with Inspiration

Christian Tours with Inspiration

Guided by expert teachers, a Christian tour offers Believers a unique opportunity to grow in their faith. Journeying through fascinating and scenic points around the globe, these tours combine the adventure of travel with the spiritual insight and fellowship of a Christian retreat. Inspiration's impeccably-run tours bring together leading pastors and musicians for days of dynamic teaching, uplifting worship and bonding with like-minded Believers in an unforgettable setting.

Regardless of the destination, the eye-opening impact of a tour lasts far beyond the pilgrimage itself. Immersion in a new country brings cultural understanding. Historical education deepens belief. Introduction to ancient sites and practices helps Believers understand their faith in a more profound way. From study and worship tours of Israel to journeys through Reformation Europe and beyond, traveling with purpose is truly a life-changing experience.

with Dennis Prager and Mike Gallagher
December 2 - 11, 2019
Dennis Prager and Mike Gallagher
with Oliver North
January 28 - February 6, 2020
Oliver North
with Pastor Steve Kreloff
January 28 - February 7, 2020
Pastor Steve Kreloff
with Shawn Thornton
February 11 - 21, 2020
Calvary Community Church
with David Rutherford
February 20 - 29, 2020
Trevor Morgan and Brent Deffenbacher
with Chuck Swindoll
March 1 - 12, 2020
Chuck Swindoll
with Dr. John Stanko
April 21 - May 1, 2020
Dr. John Stanko
with Kay Arthur & David Arthur
May 5 - 16, 2020
Kay Arthur & David Arthur
with Bishop Dr. LaDonna Osborn
May 30 - June 6, 2020
Bishop Dr. LaDonna Osborn
Ignite your faith at a worldwide Spirit-empowered gathering of believers in Jerusalem.
Serving A Movement Empowering A Generation
with Tony Perkins, Michele Bachmann, Ken Blackwell and other special guests
June 2 - 12, 2020
Tony Perkins, Michele Bachmann, Ken Blackwell and more!
with Apostle I.V. Hilliard
May 30 - June 6, 2021
Apostle I.V. Hilliard
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