Manna: It’s What to Eat at Museum of the Bible

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Despite Washington, D.C. being home to some of the world’s greatest museums, most travelers don’t expect to encounter a culinary oasis tucked between exhibits. But that’s only because they haven’t yet visited the relatively new Museum of the Bible—and its intriguing restaurant, Manna.

During Inspiration-led tours in our nation’s capital, museum guests will eat lunch at least once in this fast-casual setting by Chef Todd Gray. The biblical name, of course, refers to the substance God provided for Moses and the Israelites during their sojourn in the desert (Exodus 16). Since then, manna has come to be symbolic of any type of divine nourishment.

Washington, D.C. may not be the Promised Land, but “divine nourishment” isn’t far from how our guests describe their meals at this delightful destination on the museum’s sixth floor. Chef Gray’s passion for the spices and flavors of the Mediterranean and commitment to serving fresh, seasonal vegetables have already earned rave reviews for his restaurant.

Like everything else at this innovative, immersive museum, the menu at Manna draws heavily from Scripture. Dishes are named for biblical themes, including “A Taste of Canaan” (which features falafel and roasted eggplant), “Exodus” (lamb meatballs and tabbouleh) and “King David” (Tahini grits and Moroccan-spiced roasted chicken).

Pizza-style flatbreads follow the same biblical lead, including “A Taste of Crete,” with brussel sprouts and roasted red peppers, and “The Delilah,” with roasted corn and Mediterranean-spiced chicken. Our staff members love the house-made pita chips and hummus, which remind us of some of the culinary highlights of Israel.

From Manna to Milk and Honey

After their meal, our guests often enjoy a brief visit one floor up, where they spend some time on the rooftop garden. They take in unparalleled views of the Capitol Building before continuing their tour of this unforgettable museum.

For guests who aren’t looking for a full meal, a smaller coffee shop on the Mezzanine level maintains the biblical theme. Milk + Honey Café refers to the God-given riches and blessings promised in Exodus 3:8. It offers artisan coffee, espresso drinks and teas, along with “grab and go” sandwiches and salads. We love the house-baked cookies and other desserts.

During our D.C. tours, the Museum of the Bible is, hands-down, a highlight for our groups—and these refreshing little gems play a small but delicious part in an unforgettable experience. Check out more of our recommendations for where to dine in D.C., and don’t forget to add any of your own, below!

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