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Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C.

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Walk through the Bible as you walk through D.C.

Washington, D.C., has a variety of elegant government buildings, marble memorials, famous museums and informative attractions to take in. However, one of the most thrilling highlights of your time in this city will be your visit to the Museum of the Bible, an immersive experience designed to educate visitors on the impact of God’s Word in our history and culture.

To prepare for your time at the Museum of the Bible, we recommend reading this introductory blog post about this remarkable new Washington landmark:

For travelers, few cities on earth offer the variety of attractions that greet visitors to Washington D.C. Political aficionados flock to the stately halls of government, enjoying proximity to some of the most influential decision-makers in the world. History buffs choose from among countless museums, including the eleven Smithsonian museums and galleries along the National Mall. Architecture-lovers marvel at the neoclassical buildings and, when the timing is right, nature lovers are greeted by the undeniable beauty of the city’s annual flush of cherry blossoms.

And beginning in the fall of 2017, a new attraction allows travelers to see this captivating city from an even more extraordinary perspective. The November opening of the much-anticipated Museum of the Bible promises to put D.C. on the map for a new category of travelers: students of the Bible and faith-based travelers.

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