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The Experience

Your travels are something special. Every minute should be worry-free and filled with the joy of extraordinary moments in world-renown locations. You should feel excited and full of expectation—not worried about luggage and flight connections. That’s why we handle every detail—then double and triple-check them. We don’t just go the extra mile; we go the whole way with you, and don’t rest until you’re safely home.
Since 1981, more than 191,245 Believers have encountered God on an Inspiration cruise or tour.
An Inspiration event is unmistakable. We’re committed to giving each and every passenger five-star service. With us as your guide, you get a travel partner who invites you to exclusive places and behind-the-scenes locations that others only glimpse from afar. Choosing the best destinations and using only the finest ships and venues, we make sure you benefit from the ministry and industry relationships we have built over decades. Each of our custom-designed Christian travel events are exceptional and unforgettable.
We care deeply about your travel experience.

The Acclaim

“Outstanding first-class team… bona fide experts”
-Chuck Swindoll
-David Jeremiah
“The trip of a lifetime”
-Andy Stanley
“Passion for logistics”
-Kay Arthur
“Better than anybody else out there”
-Bill Gaither
“A first-class operation”
-Greg Laurie
“The best of the best”
-Don Moen
“Outstanding first-class team… bona fide experts”
-Chuck Swindoll
For over 37 years, Inspiration has pioneered the world of Christian travel. With a reputation for going above-and-beyond, Inspiration has served more than 600 ministries, earning the trust of many of today’s top Christian leaders. We have achieved a level of excellence commended by prestigious travel companies including the Israel Ministry of Tourism. For 22 consecutive years, we’ve been awarded the Centurion Award by Holland America as one of their top travel agencies, and in 2017, were named the best Christian travel management company by Lux Awards.
However, the praise that means most to us are the testimonies that come pouring in from passengers whose lives have been touched on one of our getaways. To be a part of your family’s travels is rewarding. And to know we’ve hosted a first-class event that has impacted souls and drawn you closer to music to our ears.

The Vision

A Christian-owned and led company, we turn vacations into life-changing encounters in the best places on earth. It’s your trip; your travel dream; your moment with family and friends. And, most importantly, it’s your opportunity to get away with God. Our job is to make your travels with us rank among the highlights of your life.

We create unique events featuring prominent pastors, gifted teachers and amazing musicians from over 600 ministries—giving you the opportunity to interact personally with these men and women of God.

Our passengers become our friends and family. We love building relationships that span continents and lifetimes. The privilege of serving the body of Christ and expanding His Kingdom on earth is what drives us to achieve ever-increasing levels of excellence.

We look forward to traveling with you soon!

Exceptional Travel Experiences